Programming new omni pod pdm correction factor

My PDM was knocked into the dog bowl and fried. I have a new one and am trying to program it. My doctor will not call me back to walk me through it. Can anyone assist on this? I know how to make the arrows go up and down, etc., as I am not a complete idiot. I have entered my normal basal delivery. What I don’t understand is how to program correction factor, etc. Anything would be appreciated.

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Insulet will walk you thru entire reset. Do you have your settings written down? Are you able to retrieve it from damaged PDM? Give them a call. I’ve had many defective PDM’s and Insulet always helps.

Also, if you uploaded it to any software for OmniPod, Diasend,… you can find the settings there. I had to do that once, when my PDM replaced by OmniPod. They were a huge help!

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You want Settings/System Setup/Bolus,Basal, Calcs. It’s the next line under Date/Time
There are numerous things in there to program including an extra page you need to go to for ratios etc.
It’s all in there if you know your numbers…though I just started and cannot tell you what might have changed…:slight_smile: