Prophylatic Ace Inhibitor

ACE inhibitors can cause coughs, but are available as generics. ARBs, similar drugs used to 1) lower blood pressure and 2) for kidney protection in people with diabetes, don’t have the cough side affect, but are available only as name brands.

One endo I interviewed for a blood pressure and diabetes story told me that, in a person with diabetes, 80% of the reason for taking an ACE-inhib or ARB is for blood pressure control, 20% for kidney protection.

A note about dizziness from ARBs or ACE inhibitors. My endo recently suggested that I make sure I’m well hydrated. Being dehydrated can make dizziness worse.

Hi I have been taking an ace inhibitor for over 10 years. I would advise you to take it as I really believe in prevention. I used to work in a Dialysis Center and saw how horrible folks with diabetes did on dialysis. Of you have heart disease history in your family then anything that would give you something less to worry about go for it!!!
Karen M.

My a1c’s have always sucked, but all of my other levels have always pretty well been in check. I was put on an ACE inhibitor (not sure what it was though, sorry) for a while, but the problem I had was my blood pressure stays low anyway (usually about 110/65 - 117/70), so adding it to my daily medicines made it drop lower. I was constantly tired, had NO energy what so ever, and even felt like passing out at times. I’m not on it now, but my doctor watches my kidney function very closely. She said right now I don’t have to be on it, but if my levels start creeping up, she’ll put me back on it.

Are the elevated LDL cholesterol and high A1cs enough reason to start ACE inhibitors? Doc may be correct about prophylactic (used your spelling, LOL) treatment but if in doubt, get a second opinion.