Pros and Cons of syringes/vial and pens

Has anyone posted information about the pro and cons of the delivery options. Here in the states both are available and both are used. I switched a few years ago when I found that I got more insulin for the same copay. I think the new, shorter pen needles are more comfortable. But a lot of people still use vials. Am I missing something? Are syringes more accurate? Is it just preference?

I find syringes more accurate. The exact dosage that goes in is what gets pressed out of the syringe. Whereas some of the pens I've used seem to leak eternally when tipped upside down. I've never measured how much insulin is left unaccounted for, or if and when the pens would stop dripping. It was just easier to use syringes. Equally important is the cost, syringes and vials are cheaper here.
On the other hand pens were way more convenient and had the benefit or using smaller cartridges which would probably reduce insulin spoilage.
just my two cents

I was actually thinking about writing a blog about this seeing I was using syringes then using pens and now using both. I was told pens were more accurate in dosage amount. The needle on the pen is smaller and not as pain full to insert but I find the actual injection hurts more then using a syringe. the syringe needle leaves marks on my legs possible due to the size being larger. Pens are easier to use. I can flip a pen around like a baton twirler now not so much with a syringe. lol. I could see a child using a pen a lot easier then a syringe. I don't dose up in public yet but a pen would be my choice if I had too. The ability to add more units while its already inserted with a pen is sweet but with a needle you only get what u put in then have to reload if you forget to add in your dessert carbs lol. Price is better with the older technology obviously. Im sure they make all sorts of different size pen tips. I haven't seen to many different size syringes. I can fill my syringe with no air bubbles but with a pen I feel like I waste 1 or 2 units just to remove bubbles. Pens stop working when there seems to be 5 or so units still in them. Used syringes pile up way faster in my red biohazard thingamajig. I've recently heard about injection ports. It seems to be like a pump hook up to your side but no pump you use a syringe I think. I would like to know if anyone of are member friends here use them or used them? I'd like to know more about injection ports.

I use the NovoPen Echo with 0.5 units and memory for the last injection. The built quality is good and the mechanics are reliable (if you prime before every injection). I would never use those cheap prefilled pens. In comparison to prefilled pens or syringes this creates less waste too. Not to forget that pens are much more discrete. Most people know what you will do with a syringe but pens are neutral to them. Even if they figure out what you are doing people will think in terms of medication not "drugs". This makes injeting in public much easier.

I guess I've been off pens too long. That NovoPen Echo sounds awesome!


Just looked at that pen and it does seem an excellent product. Novo does appear to be the leader in pen technology at the moment. I especially like the memory feature.

Having taken almost 20,000 injections in the last 10 years, my mind is almost in zombie mode during my injection routine. If I get distracted during that routine i sometimes cannot remember whether or nor I completed it. Pretty disconcerting so I bought a couple of Timesulin caps while in Europe - not available in the states.

The NovoPen Echo does only remember the last shot (amount and time passed). This is sufficient and preserves battery life - which is important because the battery can not be recharged. The smartest pen I have ever seen is the Pendiq: 0.1 increments, memory for 195 injections, charging via USB etc. It is a bit expensive though:

At 169 Euro, it is a good thing they aren't available in the states because I would buy one. The 3 ml cartridges are not readily available here. Ever since I started using the Withings Body Analyzer (scale) I have been hoping for the same connectivity for my pen data.

I returned to using a vial and syringes so I could exactly see how much I was injecting given I often use 1-2-3u depending. I do currently use the 300 ml cartridges, but still use a syringe to pull out the units I use.

When I used the Solostar Lantus prefilled syringe, I feel the plastic plunger was spoiling the insulin near the end as it was less effective then in addition to it's being near the end so just older. Also the exact carrier components is different for Lantus in a vial compared to the Solostar, but can't find the link I used in 2010 to discover that.

I no longer leave insulin OUT of the fridge as I want 300ml to last beyond the 28 days and it will for me if kept in the fridge and only taken out for about a minute to inject. The manufacturer customer support said "don't let it warm up as multiple temperature changes degrade it faster." If away from home, I do need to take it out of the fridge, but it is averages that count.