Providers of Dexcom G5 Transmitters and sensors

I am looking for a new provider for my Dexcom G5 sensors and transmitters. I am on Medicare with a supplement insurance. I was using byram but they are being picky. Does anyone use another provider that accepts Medicare?

yeah, I use Dexcom. are you not allowed to use them?

Dave44, I have had problems with Byram. I paid out of pocket the last time I got the sensors and transmitters. I have called, emailed and texted Dexcom with no response. Do they accept Medicare? Keep getting told someone will get back to me.

Ditto to @Dave44

Not on Medicaid but I was using Byram. And I was fine with that. For awhile. Then they gave me a problem on my order that turned into weeks of delay and back and forth.

I called Dexcom, didn’t bother the question about “can I or can’t I” nor questions about my insurance and simply placed an order.

Of course they took my insurance info and ran it and told me the copay and all that. Although I think not right on the phone. If I recall it was one or two days later before they had the insurance costs and copay at which point I gave a credit card for the copay and authorized the shipment. But they called me back for that.

The first call when I called in to Dexcom to place the order - yeah - It was a long hold time. I know they are backed up so picked a time when I had hours if needed. Called, put the call on speakerphone and went about my business while I waited for somebody to pick up the call.

Point being, maybe instead of trying to ask them if you can or what the insurance situation is - just place the order and let them figure it out?

Byram called me back a few weeks after I got my Dexcom order (from Dexcom). I told Byram not to worry about. I am sure they are a good company but my patience has a limit.

I’m a new Dexcom user my Endo gave me # of DEXCOM rep. He said because of my location -NY- I would be getting supplies from Byram. Received initial shipment from them but wasn’t happy. I then called Dexcom and told them I didn’t want Byram and wanted to get supplies from in-house. Took more than a month but now my supplies come directly from Dexcom. So far, so good.

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I get my supplies directly from Medtronic(for pump) and Dexcom for G5. It doesn’t get any better than dealing with them. I’ve had other suppliers–they all are inferior.

Thanks for all the responses. I will give Dexcom a call tomorrow and place my order. This will save me a lot of aggravation and I will put them on speaker and clean. Love the idea of multitasking.

Well here I am again. Dexcom sent me to Edgepark because they told me they don’t accept Medicare. Now Edgepark has called me back and says Medicare won’t cover sensors or the transmitter. I don’t understand why Dexcom says that Medicare covers the G5 when the providers say they don’t. Talk about frustration I’m there. Next step is to call my endo and see if they can get something going for me. If things fall out I guess I can always go back to 8-12 times a day of testing. Oh yes Edgepark suggests I call Medicare to find out about coverage. I have already done that. I really could use some advice on this matter. Any other suggestions? Byram doesn’t answer emails or my calls. Always says someone will get back to me. We have been paying out of pocket on my omnipods so the added cost of sensors and transmitters is going to push the money to a low. I’m in the donut for meds so that is costly too. Guess I’ll be on the phone for the next 72 hours. LOL

The internal number of EdgeParks Dexcom CGM department is 7382

They are incompetent to the point of being deliberately so.

You need to fill in the form for them; Medicare should be prepared to tell you the criteria (please, someone, publish this here) then you tell EdgePark what to say on the request.

In my case EdgePark said ‘my doctor’ failed to say I was a T1D and EdgePark failed to spot this and my insurance company failed to notice that I have been a T1D for more time than I’ve known them. I have a patient doctor.

BTW: I simply can’t do the 72 hour stuff, however my wife can and she never gives up. Love her.

Thank you for that. I too am a patient person but it seems that these companies just don’t want our business or to cover our supplies. I don’t think any of us were prepared for hoops to jump through. God bless diabetes’s and you.