Pump Hackers

My sister sent me the link to this article about the security of wireless insulin pumps and other medical devices. I though I would share here.



I agree with FHS…very scary.

I don’t worry too much about anything happening while I’m awake and paying attention. I’d be more concerned about what’s happening with my pod while I’m asleep at night.


I agree that at night would be the most dangerous time, but could you keep up with it if someone emptied an almost full cartridge into you?

Luckily, the pod empties slowly and gives off audible clicks as the plunger moves. I’m used to hearing the occasional click as it gives my basal dosage. I’d be suspicious enough if it starts clicking off an entire pod full of insulin. I keep my pdm handy at all times, so I could check to see what’s going on. I have no proble with ripping off a pod full of insulin if it’s malfunctioning or hacked.

Still scary though and it really does depend on me paying attention to what’s going on.

Just one of the many reasons I don’t use the remote with my PING and the connection is off unless it’s in a FRIO pack when I’m umpiring.


Thank you for posting this. I don’t doubt it for one second. When I was on the navi, I went over the software folder, with the software tech people. There were things in that folder, that I was certain didn’t belong there. They were certain that it didn’t belong there.

When I upload the current cgm, I also wonder about it - with the javascript. There seems to be too much hesitation, when it uploads to the secure website. The hesitation has not been, till just recently. I also think that M$ takes over on some of it.

This just reinforces my thoughts, that I will NEVER use a pump.

Maybe it is time to go back to the old way of doing things, hypos or no hypos.


I guess you would know then. I have head people complain about the Ping being noisier than other pumps, it really was not that noticeable to me. If I wasn’t paying attention, then it would be pretty easy to do.

Trisha, MM claims that their site is secure yet they are sharing your info for research. I don’t like the sites that you upload it to. I know my computer can be hacked, but I feel safer knowing the steps I take to prevent that and not relying on total strangers to “claim” they are doing their job.

At least we won’t have to worry about you getting done in by your pump. Although having it on while you are umping might not be the safest time - I would imagine some people get a little bent out of shape over some calls.


In the whole realm of things to worry about as diabetics, it’s just one more that we have to keep in perspective though.

Well knowing how close you have to get to the pod to make it change anything I won’t worry too much. Because you have to be close!! And like FHS says you can hear the thing clicking while it’s pumping. Hopefully this isn’t something else we have to worry about!

I am sure chances are pretty slim that it would happen - you probably have more of a chance of getting hit by a drunk driver on your way to work.

Rather than wear a tinfoil hat just surround your pump in tinfoil?

I know, Kelly. I still haven’t heard back on that one yet. She was going to try and see if my data could be left off. What I share on the forums is one thing. What they share is another no no.


I got called away before I could finsih. Then lost it in trying to save, with one minute left to edit.

Anyway, you and I think alike when it comes to our computers. I’ve been debating since the hesitation started, as to what I’m going to do. I need the reports for my doc, and for my records, so this leaves me in a quandry.

Just something else to add to what we have to worry about. Damn hackers!


That’s a good point. I’m sure hackers would have sufficient range on whatever device they are using to access your PDM, but they would still have to deal with the limited range of the PDM to access the pod. Unless they can hack that too, if my PDM is close enough to access my pod, then it is close enough for me to notice the screen coming to life spontaneously.

Scary but I wouldn’t worry. Hackers are more worried about information the killing people. Is it a risk yes but if someone is determined to find a way to hack something they will find away.