Pump: How many basal rates do you rotate between?

I just started using a pump (Omnipod), and had a good basal rate established in the first 4 days or so, then my friend who came to town as I began left, throwing it all into question.

Then I started to wonder about how many basal rates people vary between, at various times? (I have two so far: with and sans [friend])

Given that you can switch between them without suspending, I am guessing that people may have several set up in advance for various “times”, like stressful times, sick times, time-of-the-month times, maybe other considerations. For me, perhaps with friend, sans friend, I’m not sure what I’ll end up with, hence this question.

How many basal rates do you set up to switch between at various times? And what are those times based on?

I just feel curious, and really interested in what others do in this regard. Thanks!

I have been on the pump ( MM 522) for 7 years. I use three “basal patterns” that are programmed into my pump,;chosen according to my activities, whether I am sick, in pain or stressed. Each of the patterns has 3 to 4 different basal rates depending on the time of day . I use temporary basal rates as needed for extra exercise, like a longer than anticipated walk aound a mall on a shoppong excursion; moving kids desks at my job in the public schools,etc…
There is really no standard amount of basal rates… It is all so individual…As a diabetic and particularly as a diabetic on the pump, you are your own science experiment, and a lot of basal rate testing and trial and error will tell you what are the best settings for you…Stay encouraged… The learning curve for a pump is long 9 I am STILL learning)… but you will learn and end up with better blood sugars as a result.

God Bless,

Thank you Brunetta, I appreciate hearing your experience, and the “types” of basals you use – interesting! :slight_smile: