Pump or MDI

Need help!

Who has been on a pump and MDI and can help me to make my final decision??

-Problem with tube, insertion sites, insulin, bobbles.....
-More precise in dosage...
-Not more precise in BG
-Redness on sites
-No coverage insurance
-CGM very unconfortable

-Same control
-testing has often then pump

I need to make a decision before two weeks so I get reimburse by Medtronic.

I have been in vacation for the past 2 weeks and went back on MDI and I had a better control than on 3 months with the pump....

Thank you !!!

Caveat, I am on MDI and have never pumped.


You already had an A1c of 5.9% and you had better control with MDI? Many of us would kill for an A1c of 5.9%. You won't likely reduce that much with a pump. Studies suggest that a drop in 0.5% in A1c is average and that is for people with higher A1cs.

And if you really don't have insurance coverage for a pump (or a CGM), then I really have to ask, is it worth it?

I agree with bsc. I was on injections for 25 years and have been on a pump (OmniPod) for 4 months now. The reason that I went to a pump was because I am having pre menopausal hormone fluctuations that make my basals change constantly with lots of peaks and valleys. I also began having fierce DP in the mornings.

As my CDE put it, I was out of options and now I have options again because I can change basal rates.

Otherwise, I would probably have stayed on MDI because of the freedom. Even with a tubeless pump you still have something attached to you and the changing of the infusion sets or pods can be inconvenient.

Don't get me wrong, the pump has helped me tremendously at this point in my life and it's a valuable tool. But if your control is good on injections, why fix what isn't broken? You can always go to a pump again later if your control changes.

If I could and had the same control that you do i would go back onto MDI. I am also contemplating giving it back for the same reason you posted above but until I see the results in a couple of weeks I can't be jumping off the wagon yet. And I have noticed that I do correct my highs right away, while when I was on MDI I would wait until the next meal.

My advice is that ultimately is up to you, if you find that you are able to keep good control on MDI and have to many cons when you think of the pump then do what you are most comfortable with. No point on just sticking with a method you are not happy with just to have your AC drop ever so slightly. Then again, have you done an A1C test lately?

The only thing I can say positive about the pump was that it taught me how my body functions with food and with insulin absorption. Other than that, I hated being on the pump. I pumped for 3 years with numerous complications and a rising A1c. I've been on MDI (with lots of quirks that I've learned to adjust to) for 6 years (?) after quitting the pump and my A1c is down to 6.1% Yeah, baby. The lowest I could get it on the pump was over 9.0% I think it was due to many allergic reactions and malfunctions the pump was giving me.

The only thing is that your A1c is already fantastic, so the only thing that you might like as a perk with the pump is the freedom to eat whenever you want?

A negative side of the pump for me was also that I was never "naked" while I was on it. You know what I mean? I don't mean to be crass or anything, but even when I was in the shower, the cannula was still in me and the medical tape was still on my abs. I just always felt like a "diabetic". On MDI, I inject and then move on and I still feel like "me."

I'd say to trust your gut. I had some really terrible experiences with the pump (I've tried 3 different brands), so I don't see myself EVER going back to using one, but I've heard many many success stories with them.

I'm MDI and at this point see no advantage in a pump. From what I have seen there are two reasons that I may want a pump. One would be because I could not maintain adequate control on MDI and the other would be if I wanted to eat a more normal diet (I guess the two could be related). I am more than happy with my control and don't think a "normal" diet would be a healthy thing in any case. For me, the cost, the gear and the constant hook up are a turn off. One thing that keeps me in the no pump camp is the over abundance of posts (not only here) from folks having issues with pretty much every aspect of pump usage and support. Things may change for me and I am glad that this technology exists if they do change. But, for now I' stick with 3 or 4 shots a day and pass on something else to spend my time and money on.

I do agree with you. After trying the pump and having to deal with all the 'machine' issues... I do not think this is the solution for us... I felt like there was no end to my desease...It was A CONSTANT thing to deal with...On MDI, i do not feel sick at all. I live a free life even the multiple daily blood test !!
Not worth it at this point in my life I guess!