Pump to shots

Hi all,

Have any of you switched from a pump to injections (pen) and been able to keep the same control? Today is my first day, and I'm anxious to see how this goes. I'm not planning to do it forever but am actually looking forward to this break. My main concerns are timing of my lantus dose and not being able to give smaller increments of humalog. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated! My total daily basal rate on my pump was 10.6 units per day, and my overnight rates were 0.10 lower than the rest. For this reason, I took my lantus dose in the morning thinking it'd start to wear off during the night. I am hoping to not have to split it into 2 doses, as that's just one more thing to remember. Thank you :)

Curious, how are you doing with your switch? I'm going to talk with my doctor tomorrow about making the switch from my pump to pens.

I have recently started insulin pen. I have always done my Lantus in my stomach. Is it ok to do in your arm?

I was on the pump for 13 years when I decided to take a break and go back to MDI. I was really lazy on the pump and that's why I made the switch. My A1c is the lowest it's ever been since my diagnosis, so I would say that it's working for me. It varies by person, of course, but my Endo said that you absorb about 2/3 of your Lantus in the first 12 hours. Often they will recommend that you take two shots of Lantus so that the doses will overlap. Since I'm used to pump dosing, I give a shot before every meal or snack and also when I have to make a correction, so I've been giving about 6 shots a day, including my Lantus, sometimes more. (This high number of injections baffles most MDI-exclusive people!) Ask you Endo about where is ok to give your shots. I'm giving my abdomen a break and trying to get rid of some of the scar tissue, and using my arms and legs for shots exclusively for a little while. Some people say the absorption is slower, but your diabetes may vary!

I wore the pump for 30 years or more....I went to a new Endo and because of so many issues with highs and lows..(like a yo-yo) we are trying shots. It has only been since Saturday and I am hitting way to many highs. However, she said we will adjust as you go. It is not bad taking MDI's...the needles are soooo small on these pens. I have had diabetes for 44 years. It is like I am being diagnosed all over again :)