Pumping: one week. off to see the endo . .

Well, life is good. I went to see the endo, and talked her out of statins, although she's going to put me on a low dose of ace-inhibitors which is going to make my blood pressure do funky things, because on days that I'm not at the doctor, my blood pressure tends to run low. Sometimes, when I check at the store, I run like 99/56, which technically means that it thinks I'm dead (I know, it doesn't really mean that). So, I'm still debating whether I'm going to fill the prescription.

On the plus side, my endo agreed with me about the overnight trend, and so she increased my basal rate starting at about 10 and going down at about five the next morning. We only went up .025 units/hour, and I'm going to see the pump lady again in a week, and sort any other iffy areas.

On the minus side, I changed my set again today, and the reservoir was faulty. It drew from the vial, but when I put the new tubing on, the pump yelled at me that there was no insulin going. So I took it out again, and tried to prime the tubing with the plunger, but it didn't work (I also checked with the old tubing, but it didn't work there either). So I used a new reservoir, and it did work, which was good, except I was so flustered by the fact my resevoir was being annoying, I forgot to take the needle guard off the set, which meant it wouldn't stick me, and the adhesive got a bit crumply, but I finally got that sorted, and then tacked down the edges with a bandaid.

On the plus side, the new old site doesn't have the same problems the first one did (the bullseye effect from the adhesive) so maybe I won't have problems there. My endo told me I should try neosporin, which we don't have, but can get later tonight.

I really don't want it to be an allergic reaction. Of course, if our bodys did what we wanted, none of us would have diabetes, and I'd be about sixty pounds skinnier. sigh.