Quest Bars or Atkins Bars

would like to know if either of these bars rise anyones BS . The quest bars make my sugar higher then the Atkins bars . They are the one without SA which me & my mom thought were better .

JUst wondering if anyone else have tested when thye ate them ,Thanks

Both of them give me gastric distress. They don’t taste that well either. I use KIND bars. Check the labels. Some are low carb and some aren’t.

We do Extend bars, or we did when son was on MDI, with Lantus at bedtime I worried about him going low during the night. Now that son’s been on the pump we realized that a bedtime snack (the Extend Bar+milk) isn’t needed. His nighttime basal rates are right on now and his CGM shows that his glucose level is virtually a flat line during the night, covered DP in the morning as well. The Extend Bars are a slow acting carb, with raw cornstarch, high in protein and fiber, glyerine and using sugar alcohols and splenda (20g, but tout 1 net carb). We tested them about 5 different nights as a bedtime snack using the CGM and it showed a rise during the night about an average of 40 points! And did not let him down and had to correct in the morning. If we added milk with the extend bar, say if he was in the 70s before bed we would get the rise earlier but he would stay high during the night. For us the rise is too much. He is pretty used to being in tight range of 70-125. I still like having them around for say, “extended activity” during the day when were away from home. Hope this helps.

I’ve used the Atkins and the Extend Bars. I rarely see a spike with Atkins. The Extend sometimes gives me an initial spike. I don’t think I’ve tried the Quest Bars. Sometimes bars are deceiving. I can eat the Mrs Mays Nut bars that are about 18 carbs and rarely get a spike even though they have some sugar in them.

Thanks Guys for all the info !!