Question about cartridge use with the Tandem t:slim x2

I just started on my pump this week. Looking for some tips on how long a cartridge may be good for. My old pump I could use a cartridge for a week or more. Wondering if everybody only uses a cartridge for the recommended 3 days. And can you remove insulin left over for use in a new cartridge?

I typically use each cartridge for a week as I only use 60-100 units every 3 days (I change my cartridge every other set change). I’ve had issues with occlusions when I’ve tried going longer.

You can easily pull insulin out of a used cartridge and place it in your new cartridge when using the fill needles. Again, though, I wouldn’t recommend using anything that’s been sitting in your pump for more than a week without exercising caution.

Thanks for the response. That’s the answer I was hoping for as my TDD is about 25 units a day.

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