Question about insulin and weight

i know that there is a lot of talk about insulin causing weight gain. i notice that my insulin needs are rising even though i am still sticking to an extremely low carb diet (my only carbs come from leafy greens). i am wondering if more insulin still = more weight gain even if i am carb free.

It's a subject I keep meaning to investigate further in depth and never quite getting 'round to. From past reading my own feeling is that it is not insulin, as such, that causes weight gain, but a combination of excess insulin, insulin resistance, and inefficient transfer of blood glucose to cells. Just my opinion, but if the injected insulin matches the body's need in a timely fashion there should not be a problem, regardless of the amount required.

The problem occurs when excessive blood glucose and excessive insulin are floating around in the blood and insulin resistance is causing inefficient transfer to the cells. Thus the problem is usually more difficult for T2s than T1s because of T2 insulin resistance. But I am not a biochemist so I am happy to be corrected.

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia.
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