Question for working diabetics

So I recently went from being a stay at home mother to working outside of the home. I did it because financially we are not stable enough. I'm having unexplained highs in the mornings that end up bottoming me out by afternoon. My current regime is OmniPod with 8 to 10 times checking blood sugar through out the day. I bolus for meals/snacks and then my basals are set pretty high except in the middle of the night. I would have to look for exacts. Anyways, I thought that they possibly could be "stress" related highs but I'm not sure. I've had a few other medical issues including some how after I had a bilateral lumbar sympathetic nerve block (second time having it done) my low back pain as been excruciatingly bad. I'm currently on Roxabin and Lortabs for it but those are not helping that much. If it doesn't go away in 10 days I'm supposed to call a low back specialist and see if they can do something. I'm also in contact with the pain clinic that did the nerve block to make sure that they didn't possibly screw something up. I worry that's what happened and now this a permanent thing. Oh the nerve blocks were done to peripheral neuropathy that I have.

Anyways could the unexplained highs be from stress or do you think that there's a possibility with me working it could just be that my basal rates need to be examined. I just had a freak high this afternoon but that was due to the fact that my pod decided to screw up. Well not so much the pod itself but for some reason where it was started bleeding and clotted and plugged the cannula up. Strangest thing I have ever seen.

Thanks for the help in advance. If I don't reply back right away its because I work 830 to 5 M-F.

My insulin requirements are high in the AM and low in the PM..because of this my insulin can easily stack up during the day if I don't taper off before lunch and again before dinner. All of my pump settings drop, Basal, I:C, and Correction factor. If I get stressed out before going to work my BG will/can spike 50mg/dL to 80mg/dL on top of breakfast in about 30 min. I just use my CGM to help steer myself in the right direction. My weekend BG is always the best so I know stress is a major player on work days.

I can guess at four reasons. All are guesses and would require testing out.
#1 maybe your highs are from lows you get into because your basals are set too high and you're not seeing the lows that are triggering your liver to release glucose. Yes, even 10x a day can miss them.
#2 = that your highs are Dawn Phenomenon cause you're so busy at night your glucoses don't quite settle down after supper and your basals, low at night, are not high enough to tamp down DP.
#3, The problem causing the pain may have an inflammatory piece to it, causing hi BG.
#4. What was injected in the nerve block is pertinent here. A SoluMedrol? a steroid? Find out what went in. It would raise all BGs, however, not just morning ones.
What to do? Tackle the basal rates first. If the rates are low at night maybe they need to be put up a bit earlier in the morning.
Hey Cherise, this is Saturday here. Bet you're busier on Sat than the rest of the week at "work"! :)