Questions about high blood sugars

So i have been having high blood sugars lately for the past month or so… So before you say come on sam… get it together. I know there is no reason why i should not have them under control. I have been super busy with working to jobs and my daughter. I have been kinda lazy and not doing what I did in the past year in a half since I was diagnosed. Well the past few days i have had not a pain… but a tingling almost annoying ache in my right leg and arm. I am back on the pump now for the past two days. My blood sugars have not been higher then 160. But when there were high there were really really high. I know i know i should know better but i got lazy. Well is the feeling I am getting due to the high sugars for a period of time? Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem or what else it might be.

In a word yes. I’m not sure there are any type 1’s who don’t from time to time have similar problems either due to inattention, or due to difficulty in adapting to changing conditions, metabolism, illness, etc. Uncontrolled highs for short periods will result in lots of aches, pains and tingles, slight vision changes, etc. Things will return to normal once you’ve had good control for a while. This may be days or weeks depending on how out of control things were. The serious complications people talk about take years to develop and are often the result of years or a decade or more of sub-optimal control.

The key is to get it back under control and keep it there, because it’s too easy to make a habit of these uncontrolled excursions… and when it becomes habit, that’s dangerous.

  • Jeff

Good for you for going back on your pump! What’s done is done & moving forward is the only thing we can do. Don’t beat yourself up for the past.

Tingling can be due to extended high BG. It could be nerve damage, so speak to your doctor to see if it’s this or something else. The good news is that taking control now can heal the problem. The closer to normal you get (not 160), the better.