Quinoa: how do you bolus for this unusual food?

quinoa is both a protein as well as a grain.when i have Googled it on the web, it says that 1/2 Cup has 20 gms of carbs. so last night at dinner in a restaurant, i bolused for my meal (a very modest carb meal of salmon filet, sautéed kale, and the quinoa) i gave myself 3 units (i always need to bolus for any type of protein). my BG pre-meal was 124. during the meal, i noticed on my cgm dexcom that my BG was dropping. this is not all that unusual for me; i tend to drop a little before i finish eating. but by the time i got home my BG was 40. i had 1/2 a glass of OJ, which brought my BG back to 109. i don’t have a clue as to why this happened. has ANYONE else had this problem or one similar? please help. any suggestions are welcome!!!

I count quinoa as about 25g per cup cooked. Quinoa about doubles in volume when cooked.

I bolus for quinoa regularly according to its carb count.

Not sure if this makes any difference to you, but quinoa is a Low GI food.

i think that b/c its a low GI that i must be overly blousing. also, i think that perhaps b/c it is also a protein, that i need less insulin to digest it. who knows; i am determined to get it right. next time i will half the carb count and see how it goes and will let you know. thanks for your input.

my problem w/ this is that I DID bolus according to my carb count, and it was a complete disaster. something else must be in play. i will experiment and see if i can get it right next time. thank you for your quick response.