Qustion about the site

Is there a way to turn off the “Tracking” feature that e-mails you everytime someone posts on a thread you commented on. I know there is the one at the bottom of the thread, but you must re-click it everytime you repost on the thread and I always forget. Is there a way to do it in your user acct…or do I have to e-ase my bogus e-mail address off my profile…? Thanks!

Go to Settings and clieck the Email link on the side of the page. there you can set specific email settings, or at the bottom there is a flag to turn off all email.

It sounds like somethign in your settings. I only get emailed when I begin a thread or if I click the “Follow” button but not if I just comment on the thread.

Oh God I feel stupid now…Thank you both!

Yep, they were all turned on…

Oh God I wanted to ask this but didn’t. Now I can fix mine. Thanks.

It pays to have a big mouth sometimes…Other times, not so much lol!

Well thank you for yours gol.

Or… When you get an email notice about a new comment on a thread, there’s a link in that email to stop following.