Racing/Competing and fighting high's

Hi guys! Its been a while! Im hoping some of you can offer some advice. Lately i have been having trouble with highs during races (triathlon). It doesnt seem to matter what distance it is.
An example was just on the weekend, i had an olympic distance race (1500/40/10). Now i will prelude this with a few caveats: 1) i was tapered and rested and my insulin needs increased from he lack of exercise leading into the event. 2)I had the tail een of a cold, and thus had been fighting highs all week.
However, this seems to be the pattern with my races, sick or not.

Prior to the swim, my bsugar climbed to 9mmols on its own from its normal 6.5mmols that morning (im usually well under 6, but was dealing with sickness during the week). So prior to the swim i had no food. Towards the latter half of the swim i had half a gel. I got to my bike and i was 7.8mmols which was great. I bolused a unit since i have been having race high problems when hitting the bike. I also took 2 jelly beans. Well leass than a lap into the 5 lap course, my blood sugar was up to 12mmols and i felt like ■■■■. I bailed out as i could not get any power down, perhaps mostly from being a bit crook. It took 4 units to bring me back down to normal which is a massive amount for me.
So my questions:
Does anyone INCREASE their basal for racing? Or know anyone that does? Im still on injections and im thinking the night before my next big race, i should inject 14 units instead of 12 of my nightly lantus. I may have to look at bolusing a bit mroe aggressively in the future, im not sure.
The above was just an example and the sickness wouldnt have helped, i realize that. But i have the same problem when healthy. I have a half ironman on may 3rd and im thinking a few more units of lantus as well as maybe no gels on the swim portion might get me into T1 in better shape. I really need to eat on the bike so failing the higher basal isnt eneough to 'feed' i will have to inject while riding which is a pain.
Anyway sorry for the long thread, im just seeing if there are any other sporty folk who deal with highs and not lows

I was wondering why you are doing shots instead of a pump? What are you eating before you start? Protein and fat work the best for me when I exercise. Omlets work best for me. I eat this 1 hour to 2 hours before.

Good luck on your half iron man.