Raise Your Voice!

On April 14th, the type 1 diabetes community is encouraged to RAISE YOUR VOICE to educate people about their disease. So what can we do to raise awareness on April 14th? You can write about your diagnosis story. Maybe a post about your most challenging diabetes moment and how you handled it. How about when you first explained diabetes to your date/co-worker/client/inquisitive family member? When people ask you “Ah, you use insulin … you must have it really bad,” how do you respond? What do you wish people knew about the condition you, or your child, lives with every day?

Go to Six Until Me now and cast your vote for your favorite RYV logo! The polls are open only until Friday, April 4th, at 5 pm EST. And start thinking about what you can do to RAISE YOUR VOICE!

I think this is a wonderful thing to do! Thanks to all of you who post about, acknowledge, live with, donate to, etc. etc. for diabetes & especially Type 1. It’s about time those of us with T1 (especially adults) have a voice. Bravo!