Ready to jump?


I continue to wear my new friend (have you ever noticed that friend without the “r” is fiend?) in an effort to get used to it. Unfortunately, I find that when I change or shower, I forget to put it back on. Now, I know you’re saying that once it’s attached TO me, it will be hard to forget.

Here’s what I neglected to mention: way back in 1984, I wore a pump. Not the teeny-tiny one I now have clipped to my pajama bottoms. No, this one was a looker the size of a VHS tape but with the extra-added joy of being heavier. It even had a name (C. Dexter Haven, for you movie buffs out there). I continue to be awakened by nightmares of getting tangled in the tubing or getting out of bed only to forget the thing was attached.

In other words, the experience scarred me in such a way that it’s taken 22 years for me to give it another try. I read all of the posts about how wonderful the pump is, how it will change my life

My issues:
1) sleeping – I’m a tosser/turner.
2) site infections – happened all the time