Real Person Sick

To borrow a phrase from Kerri of Six Until Me, I've been "real person sick" for the past few days. Yuck. Nose stuffed, dizziness, head feeling like a helium balloon, and nausea. That last one hit yesterday. Thankfully, bgs have been behaving themselves (thank goodness for small favors). I even checked for ketones just in case the meter wasn't giving the right reading. Good news: Only small amount of ketones.

My biggest issue right now is the nausea. I wish it would go away!!

About the only time I drink diet pop , is when I suffer from nausea …gingerale makes me want to burp and generally feel better after I get all the burping out of the way …hope this works for you too .

Sorry you're feeling yucky. Great BG is not out of whack.

A bit of fresh grated ginger in either club soda or steeped hot water settles nausea.

This is a acupressure point to alleviate nausea. .

Poor you. I do not know where you are but that sounds like a lot of people in the UK, flu or the norovirus. I hope and pray that you will get better soon!

Oh dear…so you did get full blown colds! I do hope you will feel better soon my dear…

I’m feeling better today – not as nauseated as I was yesterday. Still very tired and stuffed up, but otherwise doing better than I was. Thanks for the support!

Glad you’re better!