Really low during night and now I'm running high

Hi everyone,
I had the worst low blood sugars I have had since I was a kid. At 4am after juice and a granola bar, I was still only 27. : (

Anyways, I completely over corrected and I have been running high all day. Seriously, the last time I was that low was before blood testing in the 80's. I sorta feel like my body is still confused. Or, am I just running high?
I have switched my pump site and am downing water. I have been over 300 all day. : (

Is it related to being that low during the night?

Thanks much!

Sorry, Shelby, definitely not fun! Obviously your over-correction caused the high but the fact that it's been dragging on all day is because it's harder to correct when we get up over 300 and our usual ISF just doesn't bring us down. Just keep plugging away at corrections, keeping track of your IOB of course and you will come down gradually.

Not much of an Easter!!

Thanks Zoe. That makes a lot of sense. I never wake up high, so this whole past 14 hours are completely off, for sure. Yeah, I am on my 3rd nalgene of water, ate a pickle to get some salt, and enjoying the Game of Thrones marathon. It's just an off day, indeed. Love my Animas keeping track of the IOB for sure.
Super appreciate it. Hope you are having a lovely Easter!

When a non-diabetic gets just a tad low, their body counterregulates, sending signals to the liver to release glucose to counteract the hypo. But for those of us on insulin, insulin can override those signals and we can have hypos. Harsh hypos. But that doesn't mean that our bodies don't counterregulate, they do, just late and harshly. That releases a massive rush of hormones (like cortisol) and a release of glucose from our livers and blammo, you go way high. And the after effects can be felt for a day or two, feeling just sick and unfortunately also some insulin resistance. Just keep consistent with corrections and you will be fine, it just will take a bit of time.