Recruiting TuDiabetes Volunteers


If you are interested in volunteering time to carry on certain tasks in TuDiabetes, please visit this group:
and request an invite, so we may begin to organize ourselves to be better positioned to handle the growth of the community.

In your invite request, please let me know what things you are up to. Things that need to be done:
-Welcoming new members.
-Inviting new members to groups they may be interested in.
-Being an admin for groups (we can have multiple admins, in case you see a group you belong to already has an admin).
-Contacting media about the community.
-More… just think of something you are good with, that could be beneficial to the community and you can volunteer for it if you want.


I have just started four discussion topics in the Volunteers Group, to give a bit more shape to all the volunteer work here:
-Communications Committee
-Community (Welcome) Committee
-Product Committee
-Group Admins Committee

Make sure to join this group:
if you are interested in volunteering in some way to help expand the reach of TuDiabetes.