Reynard's disease

Does anyone else suffer from this? My fingertips go numb and turn waxy white with just a mild dip in temperature, or if I grasp a cold steering wheel. Dr. says there is no cure, just wear gloves. Great…

also- anyone else suffer from “frozen shoulder”? Endo and Orthopedist both say its a diabetic side affect and can just “go away”…I had it 10 years ago in my right shoulder… went away, then had it in my thumbs (trigger finger), got cortisone shots, went away… Now it’s in my left shoulder and more painful than I remember!

Yes it is a side effect of being a diabetic and it is very painful. I got diagnose with my diabetes because I had a frozen shoulder. I was given a cortisone shot for the pain and then my doctor at the time decided to do a blood test to see what my sugar levels were. Right now I am having problems with my right thumb. The only thing that has been able to help me is to keep my sugar levels as low as possible while the frozen muscles flare up. Cold weather or changing of weather seems to make it worse in my case.

yes, the cold does seem to worsen the symptoms. I tried physical therapy for a brief stint, helped SLIGHTLY but the co-pays were adding up and I had to stop. I guess it could be worse, right? I’ve also been trying glycosamine/condroitin supplements and magnesium. Seems to help along with massage.

Hi Lisa, I have Reynard (and my mom) and I am wondering if my kids have it also. For me, it’s my fingers, my toes, my nose and I won’t say where else :wink: They freeze when it’s a little bit colder. I found some things that help though, decide for yourself if it’s worth a try or not! First, I asked a the health food store and they told me (which I bought and tried) some Cayenne Pepper supplements, they did work but I had such an upset stomach after (acid reflux), that I’d rather have all my extremities be cold than to have heartburn.

The other one that worked for me is good for the soul :wink: But I don’t practice anymore. During wintertime, I was invited by a friend to go to a Tai Chi class (I think it’s written that way…). So my fingers, toes and other places were whitish and frozen (that makes me cold all over), after doing their routine for 5 minutes, my hands were completely warm and I felt good all over. I took courses for one year but did not practice by myself. That was several years ago.

My doctor told me to open and close my hands (open my hand and then make a fist) several times in a row to warm them up, that did not work as well as the other two to warm my hands up.

Hope this helps for Reynard’s… Take care,

I read some where, and never remember this when I should, that if you keep you torso warm (love my down vest) it gets the warm blood flowing to your hands and feet. Also be careful if you run you hands and feet under hot water. If they are numb, you may not realize how hot the water is

this usually happens to me but on my feet, any temperature change just make them go crazy, one minute they’ll be cold and white and the next minute they’ll be red and burning; someone had suggested it could possibly be reynard’s because i really think i’m too young and controlled to have neuropathy :S

I had some problems with Reynaud’s a few months ago, also frozen shoulder (both), and joint pain in several other places. After getting diagnosed with carpal tunnel, inflammation of the knee and plantar fasciitis (sp) I figured perhaps all this stuff was connected. I have since realized that it is all autoimmune-related inflammation and since going gluten free I have got considerable relief. Just got back from a trip where I was unable to stay on my diet and the stiffness came back so badly that I am convinced it is worth it to stay away from wheat. Any one else have this connection?

Dear Lisa.

What you describe is called Reynaud’s syndrome. The is an interesting article in wikipedia on this and a possible temporary relief. I think it said a 2 part medication like epoxy that was composed of sodium nitrite and vitamin C you mix the 2 components and apply to the affected area. It probably works by releasing NO like nitroglycerine pills for angina and apparently increase the circulation in the affected area 3 fold.

I used to get the problem very badly when I was taking a low dose of tricyclic anti-depressant a beneficial effect was that it also unplugged my nose but gave severe Reynaud’s and possible heart problems. Did not do anything for depression. I think other medication containing amines like decongestant, gravol, anti-histamines. Look at what you are taking and if an ingredient ends with amine it can contribute to the problem.

Now my hands go numb if I try to sleep with the hands higher than the heart. But otherwise during waking hours they are fine actually I went ice fishing and was not wearing gloves and even showelled out some small ice particles with my bare hands something that would have been unthinkable with the syndrome.

Dear Ryan.

I think the endo is right neuropathy takes some work to develop. My case described below could possibly be since I have had diabetes for 11 years and most green Doctor’s will say obviously neuropathy. Well why would the numbness only occur lying down and not when in an upright position?

I was just diagnosed with Raynauds last week. I don’t know what is going on. started having twitching in my legs in sept, numb toe in november, blue toes in december. Had an EMG, normal. had pulse pressure test, normal.
blueness only comes with cold. then they turn bright red. I am on a calcium channel blocker for it.

Greetings!! I too have Raynaud…but lately have discovered another “interesting” addition! When even moderatly cold…I’ll develop a red rash…usually on the length of my forearm with water filled blisters!!! HHmmm…what IS that?

Years ago I had frozen shoulder but never complained to my doctor. I was raising my son and thought it came from picking him up (he was a big boy). I also had trigger finger and had a cortisone shot which worked. Since learning tighter control have not had any of those problems since.

I have frozen left shoulder. Started Dec 07, and no longer have the constant, almost unbearable pain, but do have limited range of motion. Tried physical therapy, deep tissue massage, and cortisone shots…what a ride that is. Gave up on treatment, and “let it rest”. It got better, but still cannot reach behind to do my bra, or lace a belt through the back loop. What are you doing for your shoulder? What do the docs tell you? I too, was told that it’s more common in diabetics, but no one seems to know why. I was told that it can take 18 mo’s to go away, and that most of the time it does. I’m hoping so. What did you do last time, how long did it take to go away, and did it completely return to normal?

Thanks for bringing up the topic. I hadn’t even considered asking anyone here if they’ve experienced this “diabetic” condition.

Thank you, Judith. I’ve learned so much here in the last couple weeks, but I didn’t even think to check the previous discussions for this!

I’ve had frozen shoulder. Exercise and chiropractic resolved it for me. Would it have gone away anyhow? I’ll never know.


Chiropractic is the therapy that has helped me through the years. I’ve been using Chiropractic for over 30 years and still continue to go. Since the medical field has hundreds of specialists I explore them all and know from experience that Chriopractic helps when it comes to nerve damage.

I do, and I know several others that do too. This past year was the first winter I made a concerted effort to keep gloves with me at all times, and I found it helped quite a bit. I also keep hand warmers around for stubborn incidents - they really work well.