Ride to Cure

I wrapped up a 10 month effort a couple weeks ago. I rode in the JDRF “Ride to Cure” in Death Valley, CA. I did all 105 miles in 7 hrs, 45 min. I also raised $15,625.00 for JDRF. It felt pretty damn good to accomplish.

I’m guessing there were only 20 or so riders out of 165 that were Type 1’s. About 15 or so adults. I say this because there were subtle differences about how the other participants saw the event and the way I did. I did it for myself. I guess I needed to prove that diabetes can’t get me down or destroy my life.

The parents of kids with T1 seemed to approach the whole thing differently. And rightly so- I guess. They seemed to approach it as a duty, or a calling. I’m a skeptic to the core. So I don’t think there will be a cure any time soon. I was happy to raise donations, but that wasn’t my primary purpose.

I’m 50 years old. And I will die with diabetes. Hopefully not for 3 decades or so :slight_smile: My greatest hope is that my son will not get T1. And to that end, I try to do a little - as described above. But I’m not going to live my life in the convoluted game of the advocate, write my senators, hold advocacy meetings, pester my friends and relatives about the situation.

So I rode to prove something to myself. And I liked what happened, what I saw in myself. I kick ■■■.

Congratulations Joe! And I agree with the “duty/calling” thing – I see it at the local Walk. I’m T2 and hope to do my first ride (Tour de Cure) to celebrate my 50th birthday in June – I’ve been challenged to do the 50-distance-unit (not sure if my local uses miles or kilometers), which is further than I’ve ridden in one day in my life. (Fortunately there’s time to train…)

Go for it tmana! I did the Colorado Tour to Cure and it was very cool. Most locales offer a “Red Rider” jersey to diabetics that ride. The whole approach is to honor those with diabetes. Do your best - plan for the 50, and if you absolutely can’t make it you simply jump in the sag wagon and relax!

That is awesome, I raised $2,165.00 in a couple months for this years JDRF walk, I really want to do the ride which Is in June in Kansas City. I think I need a bike first.