Riva has done it again: Her best book ever!

Full disclosure: Riva is an advisor for Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Riva has done it again! Her third book is EVEN better than her first two, as hard to accomplish as you can imagine (THAT is how good they were).

In "Diabetes Do's & How To's", tip after tip of practical advice, resourceful website after resourceful website, Riva's wisdom shines. And she does it in her own special way: never condescending, always knowledgeable, humorous, inclusive and respectful.

Riva shares things that have worked for her and things that have worked for others: shared learning from three other people with diabetes close each of the book's four sections, Food Do's, Medical Do's, Fitness Do's and Attitude Do's (she even throws in a Bonus Do's section to close things off). But it's just as nice to see her share tips about things that haven't worked for her (she makes it clear when it's the case). It shows how Riva walks the talk, putting to practice Do #58: "your diabetes is only about you", meaning that different people with diabetes doing the same thing can get different results.

As a very active member of the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) and the president of the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF), I loved seeing how Riva recommends that people join diabetes online communities and participate in programs like the Big Blue Test (Do #41), a DHF program (as well as many other programs from growing diabetes advocacy groups and bloggers), alongside with recommendations of resources offered by ADA, JDRF, Joslin and other larger diabetes organizations. It speaks of her balanced approach to diabetes management and showing others how to best take care of themselves.

The finished product is a book that I recommend to everyone with diabetes, regardless of the type. Even if you have lived with diabetes for years you stand to learn from Riva... And she will impart her wisdom in a fun and positive way, always. And not only is this a book that everyone with diabetes should read. It's too a must-read for any healthcare provider seeing people with diabetes: she even includes a special section for them, on how to work more effectively with patients.

Finally, accompanying Riva's pearls to help you do better in your diabetic journey are the fun illustrations by another dear friend, Haidee Soule Merritt.

So don't wait any longer and order your copy today: you will be happy you did!