Roller Babies - take a work break for a minute

I couldn’t resist posting this here (hope it’s kosher to do this here in Tuville as it’s not really diabetic related - but it involves EXERCISE and WATER).

If you want to feel active - and burn up a few calories, whatever … check this video out

Must be a youtube thing. I can’t pick it up at work. It’s blocked. I’ll try later when I get home.

That is adorable!

funny :slight_smile: …my first thought : no helmets ???

OMG!! Is that ever cute. :smiley: They’re Good!. I couldn’t do that. I tried roller blading and I fell flat on my derriere.

That’s true!!! I mean being a motorcyclist - you’d think I would have noticed that. Plus they didn’t have knee pads. So, les enfants do not - I repeat - DO NOT attempt these stunts without safety equipment - or your Mama will be REALLY mad at you.