Rollercoaster you can’t get off of!

Was bad about going to doctor unless I was sick. Anyways go to my PCP and she orders a full round of blood work and urinalysis.
Well I be, my A1C was 9.7 and sugar in my urine.
I was told to come back in the following week but in the meantime she starts me on 1000mg of metformin twice a day. Fast forward 2 monthe and my A1C was 9.5 so she starts me on Ozempic .25mg after the 2nd dose I realize it is blocking me up, has me feeling bloated all while loosing weight.
I messaged her on MyChart and going to see an endocrinologist in March, but will not be taking my third dose of Ozempic tomorrow.

I filled out the Health program my company offers and after zoom talks with doctor they sent me the Freestyle Libre 3. After 3 days of usage I found one strange sugar upper “Caffeine” so no more tea or coffee at least until I get some decaffeinated coffee.
Herbs do nothing to my blood sugar, Cinnamon, Sugar Defender does not bring it down. The only thing that naturally brings it down is exercise more so with cardiovascular with bpm over 110 sustained it will drop.
Glad I found this forum!
So have others found they can’t handle Ozempic, what other medication did you try?
Has others found their blood sugar goes up after drinking tea or a Diet Coke?

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Welcome, @Davieboy to the club. One thing I have learned is that regardless of the type diabetes mellitus we have our blood glucose control varies in response to whatever. A case in point, caffeine, it doesn’t affect my BG in any way.

On this subject, are you seeing a spike after you get up, having a cup of joe without eating. There are 2 phenomena we have to deal with,

  1. Dawn phenomena, a rise in BG beginning a few hours before waking. It’s a normal occurrence but as we don’t have correct BG management, the rise can be alarming.
    2, Feet on the floor (FOTF) this is a rise in BG that occurs when getting out of bed. It is very easy to observe with a CGM. I take a thyroid pill fasting and continue fasting 30-60 minutes. BG will start rising as I wait.

About your diagnosis and the failure of the drug therapies so far, I suggest that you request a C-Peptide blood test to determine how much endocrine insulin you are naturally secreting.

You may have a form of autoimmune type 1, latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) Unlike T1DM when it occurs in the young the destruction of insulin secreting Beta cells tends to be slow. This and occurring in adulthood tends to cause doctors to misdiagnose LADA as insulin resistant type 2DM.

I f your C-Peptide is low I expect your endocrinologist will order an antibody panel.

I am a classic type 2. I wa diagnosed 34 years ago with fBG of 450mg/dl and an HbA1c of about 14.5%. For 10 years I was able to use diet and exercise to maintain normal BG management. But T2DM is progressive and over the years I have Metformin and an insulin pump to go along with diet and exercise.

The important thing, Davie, is to take control of your diabetes. This group is a good place for that.


Thanks for this information.
I have only went to my PCP for BS issues.

She referred me to an endocrinologist will see him in mid March.
I wrote down about the blood test you mentioned, looking through MyChart I see no such blood test.
I am fortunate to have a CGM. Snake oil things I was doing like a shot of Organic Apple Cider vinegar did nothing, Cinnamon nothing.
Eating a healthy diet and 30 minutes of high intensity exercise is the only thing bringing my blood sugar down, can’t say that Metformin does anything, Glimepride does drop my BS.

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Glimepiride lowers blood sugar by causing the pancreas to produce insulin (a natural substance that is needed to break down sugar in the body) and helping the body use insulin efficiently .

I was 1st prescribed Micronase which is in the same drug class. It can cause hypoglycemia as it stimulates the Beta cells to secrete more insulin. The other downside as I see it is the accelerated decline of Beta cell function.

About the C-Peptide test,Beta cells secrete pro insulin which is cleaved into insulin and C-Peptide, measuring C-Peptide gives a good indication of Beta cell insulin production. I’m thinking that the Glimpiride would need to be stopped before the test to see what your Beta cells are doing naturally.

Discuss this with your endo, keep eating correctly and exercising. I, too, find a great benefit from aerobic/cardio, but do resistance workouts twice a week,

Strength workouts tend to elevate BG during the workout, but increased skeletal muscle mass levels out BG levels.

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I didn’t know about that test, but that sounds like the way to get to the bottom of this. I am type 1 and on an insulin pump, but started in treatment for type 2 at 21 years old. I was only able to barely control my blood sugar with an extremely low carb diet of meat and vegetables. I lost so much weight that at 5’7” I only weighed 97 lbs.
Finally I went to the Endocrinologist and he said I needed to start insulin. At that point I was ready; I wanted to eat again.
At this time I am using Omnipod and Dexcom, a completely wireless, tubeless system that is partially automated. No insulin shots, just use the remote or for some systems just your phone to inject insulin. You might find it the way to go if the tests indicate you aren’t producing insulin.

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Regarding Ozempic, it will slow down stomach emptying. So you have to increase fluid and fiber intake. Fiber with meals will help with spikes in blood sugar. I also take magnesium glycerate (Now brand from amazon) and that helps also (draws more fluid into the gut). Initially it may be an issue, but over time as your body gets accustomed to the Ozempic you become more regular.
I have no reaction to caffeine, but in your case I wonder - are you having milk in your coffee? That can raise BG, or is it stress as you gear up to driving to work?

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I had to get off of Ozempic, I did use supplemental fiber and even still softener with an over abundance of water. My stomach was in spasms and would not function.
Well through work using health coach benefits they supplied me with Freestyle Libre 3. This opened my eyes on what caused blood sugar spikes and what drops blood sugar.
It was the sugar in coffee creamer, whole milk even on the special cereals, rice, potatoes.
Swapped to cauliflower rice, turnips for potatoes, skim milk and sugar free creamer at only one Tbsp.

What immediately drops blood sugar is exercising with heart rate over 105 bpm.
So between the stair stepper and treadmill my blood sugar will come down into the green zone.

I went from 220# to 191# so I take the Janumet 50/1000 so I can eat some carbs to maintain my weight at 190# at 63yo to me you look gaunt with to little weight.
Thanks for your reply!
P.S. I think everyone should be allowed the constant gbs so everyone can see how their body reacts to intake and exercise.

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