Rubber part of Animas PING

Hi, has anyone had problems with the rubber part of the Animas ping coming off? The up and down arrows on mine rubbed off and then the whole thing cracked and split open yesterday. I’ve only had the pump for 1.5 years. It makes me consider going for a minimed pump when my warranty expires.

Yes, mine fell off (it was like the glue just stopped working and turned to gooey stuff) after only 9 months of use… they sent me out a new pump right away, but I never had a problem with the MM buttons coming off when I had one of their pumps (I had every other problem under the sun though - so I wouldn’t touch MM again until they majorly redesign their pump).

The rubber on mine ends up coming off about every 6 months. BUT I’ve never had a problem with Animas sending me out a new one overnight as soon as I call them and let them know what’s going on. I love every thing else about Animas and the pump that there’s no way I’ll go to minimed unless they do some other re-designing. :slight_smile:

September will be 2 years for me. I have not seen the problem you are describing. I do not touch my pump except for refilling it. I use the remote all of the time. The remote has had problems that were fixed by trade outs. I keep my ping in a belt pouch designed for EMS to hold gloves. It has worked great. I keep the belt clip facing away from my body to act as a bumper.

BTW, rumor has it that when the Dexcom is integrated into the Ping System, Dexcom lows will decrease basal automatically.

i havent had any problems out of mine, but ive had it less than a year

I had the same problem with my old pump - I assumed it was a product of my career choices, I work around a lot of solvents and I assumed the fumes had dissolved the adhesive. Like Sarah said, Animas sent me a new one instantly - apparently having that gone exposes some electrical bits and your pump is no longer water proof.

I recently switched to Animas but prior to this I used Minimed pumps for 8 years. They break and crack too. Minimed’s tend to crack where the little logo is or the reservoir and the buttons will eventually stick. I also had the back light go out on mine once and a couple of times it totally malfunctioned to where it wasn’t safe to use at all. Once was motor errors which means the piston driving the insulin was malfunctioning and once it just started screaming bloody murder and wouldn’t stop. I probably have had on average one replacement pump every 18 months to 2 years. This is just typical daily activity/exercise nothing like contact sports.

Buttons and parts will eventually wear down and I’m getting the impression (from when I researched pumps last spring) that Animas doesn’t fall apart any more or less than my Minimeds did. Minimed customer service was excellent though in terms of replacement pumps when there was a problem so hopefully Animas will be the same. And most importantly when the malfunction was one that would affect safety it was obvious and so I never worried about a pump delivering insulin inadvertently. As long as customer service is good about replacing the pumps and the errors don’t affect safety then I’m personally good with considering buttons sticking and cracks in the housing, etc to be just a part of pumping.

Thanks for posting this though. I was wondering where Animas vulnerable spots are. Are there any others I should be aware of?


I have had mine for a couple of years now and no problems. I only use the arrows once a day at lunch when I don’t use my ping meter. I would call Animus and let them know they have a problem.

trust me YOU DON’T want a minimed and YOU DON’T want an omnipod. the ping is the best pump on the market. minimeds don’t recognize occlusions as fast as the ping. omnipod is a piece of crap. I have been on all 3 pumps. I spent 2 months on the minimed it did not recognize my defective set and almost landed me in the ICU. The omnipod sometimes delivers too much or too little insulin resulting in really high or really low BG’s. the ping is the best. It is definetly most durable. and if you call the excellent customer support they will definetly replace it. I used omnipod for 3 years. I went through 30 YES 30 PDM’S (remotes to pod). minimed sucks the screen sucks the fact you can only bolus off the pump sucks. I RECCAMEND WITH ALL MY HEART you stay on the Ping.

let me know what you think


ps if you have any questions just contact me

YES…the up, down and OK button rubbed off and then this past weekend the bottom half of the unit cracked and fell apart. I lead a very active life style and was completely freaked since the units water-proofing is now compromised. I called Animas first thing Monday morning and I received my new pump on Wednesday. Great customer service…great turn around time.

My daughter had this happen the night before diabetes camp! She was due for a site change and the rubber had cracked so badly that we could not even use the arrows. I kept the site on and used the remote meter for boluses. It made camp start badly. Animas said the soonest they could replace it was Tues. and this was Sat. nite! She had a rough couple of days at camp with shots and Lantus until the pump got there. This is probably our 3rd pump now because of different issues. I still like it, but I have to keep a really close watch on it so the rubber does not get that bad again!

we tried the onmipod for 10 days with my daughter. it was a nightmare! ketones, ketones and wrong insertions and more. one night i tried to call the help line at 2:30am and waited for 15 minutes, finally hung up and put the ping back on and returned all the omnipods. nothing but grief for us with that ‘miracle’.

i had the same problem call animas sent m a new pump next day.stay with animas great thing happen next years with animas.

Well I know this post is almost two months old and I have not been here much but I will add that I have been on the animas one touch ping for 7 months and I love it a lot. I have not had any problems with the rubber coming off but as I stated it has only been 7 months so who knows. I don’t like wearing the pump on the outside of my body so I use the thigh holder without the straps that come with it and it allows me more freedom to do sports activities and I don’t have to interact with it too much and put unnecessary wear and tear on it. Only at night when I am ready to go to sleep is when I will interact with it as to prevent it from having to be primed for not interacting with it. The less you have to bother it the longer it will last.

The OK button is no longer legible, and this is a rebuilt pump (Cozmo trade in program).
Have no clue what to expect, but I guess be prepared for the whole strip to go?

I had an Animas 2020 for over 3 1/2 years and just upgraded to the Ping last week. The rubber buttons on the 2020 are the same as on the Ping. I never had a problem with them cracking, etc.