Salt Lake City Diabetics

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a ton of Type 1s at a crazy-cool Diabetes Mixer on Monday night in Salt Lake City Utah. They flew me out to talk to the group of young diabetics about the importance of community.

I was shocked (appalled almost…offended almost!!) that the majority of the people at the event hadn’t heard of TuDiabetes. I told them how this website COMMUNITY saved my life.

If you’re in the general Salt Lake City area, hit me up because I met one of the most caring nurse-practitioners that works at an endo center that you have to try. Too many health-care professionals are in the business for wrong reasons ($) and forget about the people they are serving. The health-care pros I met in the past couple of days truly know what’s up.

hey Mike, nice to see you here. We had several new members join yesterday who went to this event. I’d like to hear more about it! Thanks for letting everyone know about TuDiabetes. I feel like it saved my life too.

I was there and it WAS crazy-cool-cool (I had to add another cool to that)! We enjoyed listening to Mike. This website/community seems really supportive and I have ALWAYS wanted something like this at which to yak and vent. It IS fun to meet practicioners who do NOT have the general attitude of cattling you around like a cow with the same old spots… we are all diabetic–but all come with unique challenges, needs, and personality!

Marie, The Diabetes Mixer is an annual event to enhance community and social networking among individuals with diabetes. This month, we focused on individuals with type 1, aged 21-35. There was free food (all marked with carbs/serving) live music, prizes, and of course, Mike! It seemed like everyone had a great time, I look forward to organizing it with my co-chair, MJ, again next year.

Thanks again for coming, Mike, and helping promote the need for connecting with the diabetes community (in-person and/or online). It was great to meet you after being your cyber stalker fan for so long. Diabetes Police is a frequent reference in our office.

Thanks for contributing to the Faces of Diabetes, too. Jen and I will let you know when that’s posted.