Saturdays training ride

Yesterday I went out for a 3 hour ride with the group from bike shop. The weather was threatening but the rain held off. It was cloudy and the temps were in the low 80’s. My house is 5 miles from the bike shop where the ride starts so I had a bowl of cerial and hopped on the bike and headed to the bike shop. Before I ate my cerial my blood sugar was 101 before the ride started it was 193. Not bad a good place to be before a long ride. The route was not flat. There were some sections where I was able to gear up and hit 25 mph on those short flat spots but for the most part it was climbing at 8 to 12 mph and screaming downhill at 40 mph. In the middle of the route there was a mile long climb at a 14% grade. It was tough but I just geared down, slid back on my seat and got to the top. When I finished the ride my blood sugar was 133. I hung around at the shop long enough to eat a banana nut muffin chat with the guys and refill my water bottles for the return trip home. The ride home was an easy pace with a few hills on the way. When I got home my blood sugar was down to 110. I did not take any Novolog insulin before my breakfast and in fact I have not had the need to take any rapid acting insulin to cover any meals since I started a more active training program for RAAM. As of now I’m only taking 37 units of Levemir (long acting) insulin. As I said that was Saturdays ride, now it is Sunday morning and I sitting on the floor relaxing with my dog Termite (a 4 year old) silky Terrier. Tomorrow evening I post again from the journey on the Red Rider.