Seatbelt Bolus?

Got in the car this morning to head to work and paid no attention to anything other than getting the tunes on the radio and hitting the gas pedal to start my commute. A couple of minutes into it, I heard my pump sound an alarm. I then realized that the easy bolus had a couple of units set. It was probably from my seatbelt clip pushing buttons on my pump from when I got into the car. Do you use the Easy Bolus feature? I’m actually thinking about turning that feature off. Have you ever bolused without realizing it?

I have never bolused without realizing it and I have never used my Easy Bolus feature. I am on my second pump and have had it for two months and have not even learned the bolus wizard features and what it has to offer. I never went to the training. I have become quite the lazy diabetic, hmmm, lazy, perhaps I should use the easy bolus. :slight_smile:

I have accidentally hit the buttons on my Minimed, either with the seatbelt clip, my purse, the car keys in my pocket, banging up against a table, hitting my hips against the doorjamb (are you sensing the theme of gracelessness going on here?). However, I’ve never delivered a bolus by accident. It’s always timed out after the minute or however long, sending out that loud “Beep Beep BEEP.”

I’ve never heard of this. And I’ve had easy bolus set since I started using the pump.

I’ve never had an accidental easy bolus actually delivered…that I know of. The truth is it may have happened but I’d never have noticed the buzzing (audible alarm is not loud enough for me, so I use vibrate).

The only time my easy bolus button was pressed by mistake was when I fumbled blindly to shut off an alarm and ended up pressing the easy bolus button by mistake. Nothing was delivered because as soon as I heard the beep I stopped. I have mine set to the smallest increment, .1 unit, so that even if I do manage to press it a few times and hit ACT I won’t get much delivered.

I rarely use it and should probably just turn it off.

Come to think of it, I will shut off the easy bolus, because when the data is uploaded to CareLink it says that I took insulin, but it doesn’t say why. Was it because I snatched a couple of Oreo’s on the quick or was it because of a correction bolus? The Bolus Wizard is great, so I’ll keep using that I think.

I wouldn’t worry about the easy bolus accidents. You would have to have it hit the easy bolus button, hit ACT, then wait for the audible or vibration playback, then hit act again. The chances of that all happening by accident or by a seatbelt, or table, or counter, have to be extremely high!

Same here – I’ve started the accidental bolus – didn’t realize it, and a minute later it’s beeping at me.
Ditto on the lack of grace, as well. :slight_smile: