Self Employed with 3 PWD in household

OK, as of right now, my husband and I, both out of work, ARE covered by Cobra from his last large, nationwide big company health insurance policy. That's the good news. The bad news? He can't go BACK to the work field that he knows and has 20 years experience in due to a work injury. Me? at this point, I have accepted the fact that I may never have a run over 2 years at a job again. Between my visual impairment (low vision, can't drive at night, heaven help the employee that needs a flexible work schedule these days) and my type 1 diabetes, as well as my two type 1 daughters, I will always be the first person asked to lreave if there's any reason for a layoff, and there's no shortage of reasons lately. . .

So, our re-employment prospects look pretty dim, and my husband and I have an opportunity to buy into a small retail business. This appeals to me greatly, we'll be relying on ourselves, I'm not going to be in front of a computer all day, and maybe, \just maybe, we can be somewhat successful in a year or two. I'm looking forward to this challenge. The downside? How are we going to get health insurance? No one seems to know a thing about these high risk pools the government is supposedly creating. Will they say I need to go back on NPH and regular and check my BG 3 times a day? Do I have any type of option here? Can we qualify for help if we are small business owners?

Anyone here take a stab at starting a small business? If so, how did it work out for you? Where do I even start looking for health coverage. I'm so concerned, we have about another year of cobra coverage, after that, well, where can we go? I really do feel like there is no place for my husband or I in the coperate world anymore, and I honestly don't think starbucks is going to be willing to hire either of us, and they're about the only company I know that offers health benefits to PT workers.

Anyone else get past this particulat hurdle?

I don’t know anything about starting a business, but there is a website called that should be able to give you some more info about healthcare reform.i found the best way to get answers about the new insurance regulations is to google,and ask questions. Good luck.

If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your service business?

My former job was in economic development working with small business owners. Not to be discouraging, but most small businesses fail. You’ need to have enough cash reserves to see you through at least 8 months to cover rent, utilities, stock, business taxes/license, insurance (not medical), advertising, etc. A lot depends on the type of retail business & its location, of course. You really need to do your homework to research the financial potential, your competition, the demographics for your product.

Universities often offer free help in setting up a business plan & providing other assistance. There are grant programs for small business start-ups also.

Count on working very long hours & never having a day off.