Self employed

UK diabetes and the government have advised that diabetics are advised to self isolate and will be granted Stat sick pay. I am self employed and my job involves travel to London by tube and meeting people.L, so I am following guidelines. However I can find no help on Govt website for SSP for self employed being advised to self Isolate?
Does anyone have any information about this ?

I am not in the UK, but I did find this article in yahoo search. But it looks like you would have had to pay into National Insurance to qualify, but maybe these help.

It doesn’t load well, maybe high use right now?

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Thanks Marie I’ll certainly take a look at that info :+1:

Hang in there Darren, this is going to be tough for your guys.

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I don’t have any idea about it but hope so you get some benefits. Self employed & people work on daily basis are suffering a lot. It is very tough time & hope this ends soon. Stay safe.

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