Setting Maximum Basal Rate

My son changes his basal rate at night from .90/hr to .85hr at 10 pm and then back to .90hr at 6hr am.

This morning he made a mistake and changed it 9.0 per hour and went low.

Does anyone know how I can set the basal rate to NOT allow any more than 1.0 /units per hour.

Looking to change so if he makes a mistake and tries to change to over 1.0 the pump will not let him.

Is he manually changing the basal rates? You could set them to change on their own at the same times every day.
But there is definitely a safety setting. Go to Main Menu, Setup, Advanced. Then go to Screen 3 - Insulin Limits.
You can set the maximum basal per hour, maximum bolus, maximum 24/hr amount and the maximum 2/hr amount.

Your pump is set to setup several different basal rate to change on its own at whatever time. Go into basal rate option on the pump.

Hi Emily
I tried to do the change which I thought was going to be simple but the instructions in the book were a bit unclear. It mentioned it but never really said how to do it.
All I was wanting to do was to have his basal rate change from .90/ hr to .85/hr at 10 pm. At 6 pm I wanted to reverse it and change it back to .90.
I looked at the screen and saw 12AM and under that was another way to make an entry. I did not want it to start at 12 am so I figured the one under it was the way to set it to start and change but couldn’t figure it out. I could start it at 10 pm to change it to .85 /hr and end it at 6am but not sure how to start it at 6am to go back to .90/hr.
The book was pretty unclear on that.

The pump always starts at 12am. You just put in the basal you want at midnight first. Even if it’s the same as it is at 10pm. Save that and on the next line put in the next basal and so on. At 10 pm you change it back to .85. Just put in all the numbers through 24 hrs, click save/review and it will keep repeating every day.

On my son’s we go to the setting A1 Weekday and that’s what he always uses. When you go in to set it up we have it like this.
12:00A 0.425
10:00A 0.350
10:00P 0.450

Every morning he wakes up at .35, at 10p it changes to .45 and at midnight it goes down slightly to .425 and repeats this every day. Does this make sense? If not please let me know!

Wow, thanks Emily. Sounds like you are doing the opposite time to what I want to do. e
So my sons’ activity would look like this:
12:00 AM .85 which would be .85 (his nighttime rate)
10:00 PM .85 which is when I actually want to start the change for nighttime rate
6:00 AM .90 which is when I want it to change back.
If that is the way then at 6 am he will be at .90 /hr all day and evening and at 10 pm he will change to .85 where he will stay until 6 am.
Does this sound right??

oops, i mean he wakes up at .425 and then it changes to .35 at 10am. he doesn’t sleep in until 10 every day!

I’m not sure if the pump needs it to be in order as in midnight, then 6am, then 10pm, but otherwise that looks right to me. Much easier than manually changing it every day. You can still go in and set the maximum’s just to be safe though. Good luck!


The joy of a pump is that you have control of your basal rate at all times. If you wanted to increase it permanently, do what everyone else said, change the settings. If you only want to increase it temporarily, then do a temp basal and you can adjust it by %. (MENU, BASAL, TEMP, change %) it can go up or down.
I have multiple settings on my basal rates, mostly because I was tired of having random times in the day when I would either soar or plummet. Once you learn how to program them, the basal rates can be a godsend.

What every one else said is completely true, as well.

I hope this helps.