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Diabetes - I did not take it seriously until I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes last April. It came upon me without warning other than a couple of close family members have it. I have avoided bleached flours and sugars most days of my adult life. Because of that I was certain I'd avoid the daily blood monitoring too. Alas, I was wrong about that.

I have Type 2 Diabetes. My body makes insulin only it doesn't make enough or the kind that my body needs to deal with the body breaking down carbohydrates that I eat. Carbs - you know the white flour and sugary stuff or the baked stuff or how about the fruits and some vegetable stuff too?

In addition to this site, another valuable website is one by Riva Greenberg. She is an author and Diabetes Educator. Riva is dedicated to spreading the word about diabetes too. Please check into her web site at where you will find access to her a plethora of information. I highly recommend her books too.

Diabetes is not about eating sugar or not eating sugar. It is not to be blamed on the people who are genetically predisposed to contracting it. It is a complex medical issue that is not well understood. For me, diabetes became an opportunity to learn a great deal more than I thought I already knew and an opportunity for me to share what I learn with others. What is something you have learned recently either about a book you found helpful or a tidbit of information that you can share?

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Hey Denise
Welcome to the DOC family, There are a lot of myths associated with diabetes that truly need to be dispelled, hopefully sites like tudiabetes and people like Riva Greenberg do a good job. Diabetics and their fight against the disease have to work together to make this happen