Sharing Insulin

Hey there all!

Hey folks, I have somewhat of, I guess you could say an odd question.

Well, my brother is type 1 diabetic. he has been since he was 2, he is 24 now.

He hasn't gone to see a doctor in over 8 years, he's been buying this cheap

over-the-counter insulin and needles and such. When I was diagnosed as type

1 a little over a month ago, it inspired him (mostly cause I dragged him with me)

to get on this county coverage, so we can both get our supplies and insulin and stuff.

Well, he JUST ran out of insulin, and my parents are too broke to buy him more, wont be able

to buy him more for like 2-3days. my question is, since I just got my meds refilled and have

plenty of insulin, is it ok to share insulin? he has new needles and such, and wouldnt contaminate

my insulin. My big thing is, should I? is it safe to share insulin with someone else, and would there

be any bad effects if I did?

I mean, morally, I dont wanna say that "I dont wanna give him insulin cause its all mine!!"

I'd be more than happy to share, but my dilema is, should I?? is it safe??

As long as he knows his insulin dosage and he is on the same kind of insulin, I don’t see any problem. The insulin isn’t a pre-determined amount like prescription capsules would be. As long as you’re sure you won’t be caught short I would go ahead! Very nice of you to help out!

As long as you and your brother don’t reuse needles, there should not be a concern. But of course nobody reuses needles or lancets do they?

don’t run yourself short is the main thing. do you use Novolog 70/30 as a long term insulin I have extra could send you one vial. I no longer use it now take humalog instead.

I dont use a mixed insulin, they got me taking Lantus as my long term
and then I use “regular??” Novolog for meals, but thank you for the offer ^,^

ok all I can do is offer, lol

Lantus is a mix as far as I know, yes. i use Levimere 70/30 (same as Lantus), humilog 75/25 for long term and humilog r at meal times i had a reaction to novolog.

Me and my girls have always shared open bottles of insulin. As long as you’re not reusing needles, it shouldn’t be a problem. The other positive thing about this is, it keeps the insulin fresh. The newer insulin, once they get paste 30 days old, start to deteriorate. As a newly D’xed type 1, there’s a halfway decent chance you might not need a full bottle of insulin each month, less waste-Very cool!

It always pains me to throw away insulin, I know there are people not as fortunate as me that pass due to their inability to have it due to cost and circumstance. . .

Yes I feel it is like throwing my money away and it kills me to do it.

Not that you need another vote, but it’s fine to share a vial.

There are patient assistance programs through the pharm companies that provide insulin for people who can’t afford it.

I reuse lancets. Im just to lazy to change them every time. Ive got one of those pens too. Softclix i think it is.

I haven’t changed a lancet in over 6 months.

You can change the lancets?

LOL! I’ve heard this is possible.

you mean this thing right?

What a torture device.

What insulin are you using?? I have some pens that I don’t use (Lantus)…and some needles. I am on the pump, and they expire soon. I would rather them go to someone who needs it.

I think they were made just to scare children! It is right up there with the MM insertion devices. I get that same anticipation of “oh $&!* this is gonna hurt.”

My 2c. Just make sure you watch out not to run out as your Ins. may not cover more vials for some time. E.g., your perscribed 2 vials for 1 month, but use them in 2 weeks, youll have to come out of pocket for the next 2 weeks before Ins will cover the cost again. In the 90s that was $100-125 a vial.

Anna what needles you have as I am short on them. In LA you have to have a perscription to get needles I guess there were to many people misusing them. I use .5cc 29G and 1cc 30G.

I use BD Ultra-Fine III mini pen needles (31G x 3/16") (5mm).
Are yours smaller/bigger?