Shorter DIA for Apidra?

At my dd's endo appt in January, we met with a new CDE. She said she worked at Sanofi for 5 yrs before joining our clinic. She insisted that our DIA in the pump is set wrong. We have it at 3 hrs, but I'm positive Apidra is consistently finished in 2.5 hrs. My dd pumps with the Ping & also wears the Dexcom G4. We can SEE when the bolus stops working. She mentioned a recent (fall 2012) study by Sanofi that proved DIA for Apidra is the same as for Novolog & Humalog.

Does anyone here see no change in DIA in Apidra compared to other fast-actings?

I changed from novolog to apidra in my pump a few months ago. I have the DIA set for 2.5 hours as well, then (for me) it's GONE. My endo, when I asked to switch to Apidra, said he hadn't noticed a difference. As usual, we all vary.

I am on MDI and recently switched from Novolog to Apidra specifically to get faster action and a shorter tail. I keep a detailed log (always have) and my experience exactly parallels yours; there is no way it is still working at 3 hours. No way. From where I sit, even 2.5 is generous, but as jrtpup says, we're all different.

What I'm seeing is definitely not a 4 hr DIA. That's one of the things I like most about Apidra. It does its job & it's gone, instead of hanging around for 4 or 5 hrs.

We've been battling some afternoon & evening highs the past few weeks. I'm beginning to think the Apidra may actually be TOO fast. The Dex graph goes flat in just over 2 hrs, then we see the spike. We're experimenting with extending the lunch & dinner boluses for all foods this week. Hoping it works.

Keep us posted tia. If I eat a lot of protein/fat, I either need to bolus again later or use an extended bolus. Not always great at figuring out how much/how long though LOL

I've noticed with not only Apidra it depends on my body how long my DIA lasts. At one point years ago I could use R in my pump like the analogs, it worked like Humalog for me at that time, not anymore though. Right now, Apidra works 2 hrs max for me, but month to month it varies for me. There are so many variables with insulin because of the variables of the human body - what holds true to one, doesn't hold for another. The company's estimate on how long any insulin works is an averaged time for one, and just a recommendation really. Novolog has a huge tail for me right now, 6+ hours. YDMV.

Just switched the DIA on my 12-year-old daughter’s pump from 3 hours to 2.5 hours a few days ago because the IOB (per the bolus wizard) always seemed too high. Getting significantly better BGs now.

I switched to apidra after trying all three analogs, because I found it works a whole lot faster for me. It finishes acting in 2.5-3.5 hours, with an action "half-life" of 1.5 hours, very consistently. I have DIA set to 3hrs on my mm pump. I think with Humalog it was 4-5 hrs (but I was on MDI then).