Shots and Bruises

I have quite a few, UGLY bruises, from my new transition from pump to injections.

It has been over 10 years since I’ve had to do shots.
Why do these bruises occur, and are there places on my body I can use to help avoid them?? Are they avoidable?


In my experience you can learn to reduce the likelyhood of bruises. You just set the needle on your skin without inserting it. If you feel little pain then switch the site. I also try to insert the needle slower to have a chance to retract if it starts to hurt. Another point is to remove the needle in the same angle you inserted it. One common mistake is to take the same needle for one day. I am doing that sometimes but needles have advanced over the years. They are much thinner and sharper today. Therefore it is quite likely to bend or twist the needle while injecting it. In most cases you can not see the damage but the next injection with this damaged needle will not work as smooth as the first one.