Should Convicted Cow Thief With Diabetes Be Let Out of Jail?

I saw this really interesting article about a guy in Texas that was convicted of stealing cows, but says jail personnel are ill-equipped to help him manage his severe case of Type 1 diabetes. He wants to serve the remainder of his sentence under house arrest. Do you think the judge should grant that request?

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If the jail personnel can help him manage his diabetes he should stay there. Otherwise he should be transferred some place where it can be managed. If home is the only place, then put a bracelet on him and send him home.


I find this amazing …has the person never received or accepted proper education on how to live with diabetes ? Then use his diabetes disease to steal cows and people’s property ? In my mind , he is not my Diabetes Champion .He needs more than house arrest; he needs education , education , education .Hope he gets it . I seem to have little patience today with stories of this type ( Our Canadian Remembrance Day ) .

Sorry I am a nurse in Texas and one of the hospitals I worked at had a contract with the corrections department. We had all kinds of inmates in for all kinds of reasons. The jails have a nurse on site daily, if not a PA or doctor. He did the crime so he needs to do the time. The prisoners have a lot better health coverage than a lot of people. I have to wonder if he “made” himself ill so that he could try to get out early? If he is so poorly controlled maybe he needs to work with the doctor at the facility and finally get a handle on his diabetes.