Should I go to the doctor?

Been testing consistently at 200-250 for last month. I’m feeling ok but should I go anyways. I don’t have insurance but maybe I need to go anyways. Suggestions???

Those are pretty high bgl’s. It may be that you need an adjustment to your medication. I would want to have that checked out if it were me.

If you can afford to go. Go. Those are numbers that will produce complications down the road.
( I am currently having the same kind of numbers. My fasting this morning was 269. I’m under a ton
of stress. I also, do not have insurance and cannot afford to go. I will face complications in the future.
I know that for a fact.)
Please go if you can at all… if there was a way, I would go too.

Go. Skip a car payment if you have to, but go.


Hi Ken,
Definitely go to the doctor. You won’t be able to keep on running with BG’s that high

Hi Ken: :o)

Geez Ya, I’d see the Doc…NOW. If you don’t know the reasons(as you know there are many)for your lingering highs. I’m not saying you do but a simple urine test would tell your Dr. if you have a Urinary Tract Infection(UTI). Usually there are symptoms(urgency to go pee or a burning, higher sugars, etc.), sometimes no symptoms.

I think I’ve mentioned this here before(I’m old, I forget :smiley: ).

I had no other symptoms, just the lower 200 blood sugars, off and on. My GP said, I had a UTI. He gave me antibiotics. I have no immune system per se because of all the RA drugs, so the antibiotics didn’t work.

Three weeks later I got severe chills, a fever of 105.2 and a slight achy feeling in my kidneys. I collapsed in our entrance. 911 call and Amulance ride. Tons of tests–evidently the bladder infection had moved to my kidneys, the kidneys couldn’t filter it, so it seeped into my blood…blood poisoning. I was a Very sick Puppy.

They gave me 2 more fast-drip antibiotics and another type to take home for another 2 weeks. The ER Docs said I was Very lucky to be alive. There’s more to it but I just made it short. That happened about 2 yrs. ago.

Notice what is happening to your body if possible and DRINK YOUR WATER DAILY. :smiley: Follow up with your test results. I didn’t. All are important!! I hope you’ll be okay and figure out the highs.

Hi Ken,

As you know, always ask your doctor when you should check your blood glucose with a meter. Find out what targets are best for you. If you find that you are not staying in your target range you should see your doctor to be on the safe side. We all should.

Hope all is well!

I’ve made an appt with the doc. I’m going to ask her to refer me to an endo. I’m kinda scared to see the test results but I gotta know good or bad. I’ll keep ya’ll informed. Thanks for all your concerns. Love ya!!! :slight_smile:

I am glad you made an appointment because I was going to say

“Ken, You better make an Appointment are you out of your mind”…lol

Target values before meals should not exceed 130. After meals they shouldn’t exceed 180.

well the doc upped my dosage on my Metaformin to 1000 mg and added another drug called glucotor. She did reprimand me for not managing my diabetes and not coming sooner. We’ll see what the bloodwork shows in a couple of weeks.

Terri’s story is a good example of why getting things early can save a boatload of $$$'s.

If you go to doc and find that you are not in any serious complication territory, but need to change your meds, you have only spent a little. But if you are on the brink of something bigger with an unchecked infection, you could be preventing weeks out of work and tons of bucks in additional meds.

I’m not a big fan of doctors, but especially if you once had good control, and now you don’t, that’s something to look into.

Hi Ken.
I am so glad you went to the doctor. Sometimes it just takes plain old courage to go when you are a little scared of the outcome. I am glad too that you got your blood drawn. I went over this morning to get mine done. Be sure to keep us posted about how you are doing. You have a big family here that truly cares.