Shower pak for minimed pumps?

Has anyone every used the shower pak???

Nope. I’ve always just taken it off.


I’ve used it, but didn’t find it too convenient. (I had to use it when I was connected to the old version of the CGMS for 3 days, then I tried it with my pump.) The best solution with it was the hang it from the tap and cautiously shower, but personally I prefer removing the pump!

I work outside and sometimes it rains. So I brought the shower paks for working in the rain. Thanks


I attempted the shower pack 11 1/2 years ago with my very first pump. It was a disaster!!! I’m with Kristin, I much prefer to remove it while showering. When I’m at the beach or the pool, I remove it and bolus about 0.2 + or - after I get out of the water. This has worked much better for me. It just seemed to be too cumbersome.

I used it in the olden days before the the pump disconnected. I got used to it and didn’t mind it back then because it was either that or clamp off my pump syringe, take it out of the pump (what I used to do when swimming) and toss the tubing around my neck. It was always a bit risky putting the syringe back in the pump and priming it again (we did it manually by turning the lead screw) and more time-consuming than just using the shower pak.

However, I do love the easy ways the sof-sets disconnect and now the quick-sets! Pumps have come so far!

I sometimes use my old waterproof pack from minimed when I go snorkeling/swimming if I don’t care how I look! Or I can disconnect and periodically bolus insulin upon reconnection.

I hang mine from teh top of the curtain with the belt clip. It helps to be 6’ tall and have 43" tubing.

yes, for the amount of time you are in the shower just disconnect and reconnect when you are done. its not even worth it

Any suggestions for something both durable and waterproof? -I’ve been getting into Kayaking, but can’t figure out a good/effective way to keep my infusion site from coming off and/or be able to wear my pump while I’m out in the water for hours.

Besides taking it off and trying to bolus every once in a while, does anyone have any suggestions?

Some people swear by the Aquapac radio microphone case( It’s made for electronic devices (MP3 players, etc) and the tubing goes through the headphone wire hole.

It’s become so popular that Aquapac commissioned tests to be done, and found that it inhibits low levels of insulin delivery (see the notice on the web site), but lots of people still use it. Personally, I’m not so sure about the details of the test (ie depth, water pressure, normal variances in delivery, etc) and I haven’t used it, but I’ve thought about it.

I’m sure it would be fine for activities in which you get splashed, or perhaps even showering. Submerging/underwater swimming is another issue, but there’s another issue with the Aquapac in that regard – it floats.

If anyone here has used it, I’d love to hear your experiences.