Sick Day #1

Yesterday was a very busy day for me and my family. I was in my childhood best friend’s wedding and my family was also invited. The boys seemed to have a great time at the reception. They had a blast dancing the night away! As it got later, they started to wind down and my five year old even fell asleep on two chairs that had been pushed together. So, my parents, who were also there, offered to take the boys home with them for the night and said we could just get them in the morning so they could celebrate father’s day with their daddy at home. At about 9:00 AM, my phone rang and it was my mom calling to tell me that she had bolused Brennen to eat breakfast and as she was getting it ready he threw up all over himself and the chair he was sitting in. (Maybe all of the wedding food was too much for him!) Obvioiusly he wasn’t going to be eating the

30 g. of carbs he had just been given insulin for, so she was a little panicked. Everything worked out ok though. I called the endocrinologist on call and told them what had happened. I was advised to check his blood glucose in about a half an hour to make sure it wasn’t getting too low. If it was low, i was to try and give him juice, but if he was unable to keep that down, I was told a dosage of glucagon to inject him with. Fortunately, when I checked him in a half hour, his blood glucose was at 99. He still had a large amount of insulin on board, so it could still be going down though. About an hour later, he saw that I had made pancakes for his dad and decided he wanted one. I gave him one with just a little butter on it to eat. I decided not to give him any insulin for it and that I would check in about an hour to see how his sugar levels were. He was able to keep it all down and when I checked he was at 135. It worked out perfectly! I didn’t need to force juice on him or give him a dreaded shot of glucagon. Now we just have to pray that no one else in the family gets sick before we leave for vacation on Thursday. Sick Day #1 over; crisis averted.