Silly Question

I usually try to stay very positive but I really have a silly question about something that I found a downer.

Why don't people listen to us?

Strange - but I feel I know me best! I know what makes me spike, what makes me nauseated (gastroparesis). And so when I went in to a one-day surgery for an endoscopy and the nurse started to hook me up to an IV and I said - Hey! Watcha hangin there -- I think they should talk to me.

And then, when I said - Hey! You can't hang sugar on me, I know that I will walk out of here with a 300+ sugar because I haven't had all my meds because of the procedure (experience tells me) -- I think they should listen to me.

WOW! The nurse got a little bent about it. I explained politely that I was diabetic (she hadn't asked yet) and that my sugar was already a little high (she hadn't asked my FBS yet). She responded that it was no more than drinking a glass of juice. I explained that I don't drink juice unless I have a low. I asked if it would be too much trouble to hang saline. I said I wouldn't mind a delay while they called my endo. I really was very nice about it all. She said that a little sugar wouldn't hurt. I said I care about my health and monitor closely and have an A1C of 4.6 thank you very much so I would appreciate her care, too so that THAT didn't change.


Just everybody be safe, always watch what health care professionals are giving you or doing with you - especially if they aren't familiar with you -- because you are the best expert on you that there is!

They don't listen to us because, at some unexamined place in their minds, we're not real people. We're cases and procedures. You weren't Marcia, you were an endoscopy and, as an endoscopy, they know what's best.

Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting the care you need!

Good for you speaking up. If one is in the hospital for something non diabetic, a one size fits all is applied. yours is not an isolated case. Did they feed you mashed potatoes fruit salad and cake, too? They did that to me and from this site, I learned that I was not alone. Hang in there. All the best. Les

I think it just comes down to some people just don't like being told how to do their job, or someone else pointing out that they've made a mistake and they offense to it.

You're right though, they should be talking with us as people - people who live with the disease, and know how our body reacts.

Kudo's for standing up and saying something.


That's what I was trying to say. We are PEOPLE. And each one of us is different and as a responsible person I KNOW how my body is (that's the best way to take care of it).

I have had several operations over the past 10 years. The one thing I have always been grateful for my surgeon's attention to the my diabetes. He always says, "come to the hospital 'sweet' (no meds). Talk to your doctor about the 'matter of fact' way the nurse spoke to you. She is part of his/her team and should have been more concerned about your need.


ya for my surgery, they gave me the sugar water also, saying that because they werent going to feed me, i would need it.

Well, they are the experts!! Funny how we live with this daily and like you said, know our bodies BUT because they read about this disease called Diabetes and they think they know ALL about it..LOL!! When that happened to me with a sugar IV, I offered to stick the nurse with insulin and see how she felt after 15min. She got the hint and called the doctor..