Site for "cheap" test strips

Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t cover the test strips and I can’t find them cheap in Puerto Rico. Any reliable sites that I can purchase them that are cheaper than a pharmacy? PLEASE the want to charge me $89 for 50 test strips.

Have you tried calling a 'delivry service" like Liberty Medical? I dont reccomend it…but they do work with your insurance to make it cheap and convenient! Look them up online…I am sure they survice PR.

My insurance won’t cover Freestyle strips so I purchase them from here out of pocket.

I have used american diabetes wholesale too. I got my IV3000 there. Sometimes there is a discount code on this site.

To say money on test strips, call “The Promise Program” at Abbott Labs. They help to match your copay. The numer is 1-866-246-2683. I use this program and save $50 monthly. good luck