Site selection and exercise

I switched from a MM pump to the pod a week ago. After 12 years on a tubed pump using only my abdomen for site selection-the pod has been a fantastic change. The availability of different sites, no tubing, angled cannula-these are all the reasons I switched. However, I am finding it a bit more challenging to complete my daily run with the pod versus MM. I've used my thighs, arms, and now my tush for sites (I'm really trying to rest my abdomen/hip area) but have encountered greater discomfort during runs. When I tried to run yesterday I felt the cannula poking me with every stride. Any tips for minimizing this? What areas work best for you all? I know many use the bands for life/KT tape to secure the pod-any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!

my son feels very uncomfortable using his leg site while running, with arms he has the best success if he uses a tegaderm strip over the canula end. he really is a belly guy and overuses this site, hence high bs's on his third day not high eeekss occlusion but 200's . but anyways i would try the tegaderm or some type of tape or wrap for your arm, the band for life we got for jacob was too big and just seemed to soft to really support but that was our experience. best of luck, amy

I use the Tegaderm method for tighter fit when needed. Some also use what I call "Sport Tape" for holding them tighter. It's the cloth like tape that's not glue sticky but grabs itself so you can wrap the pod around a leg or arm.

Thank you for your question. I have the same history with pumps and sites as you do and am looking forward to advice. I've been using the pod for 2 months now and have really found no answer to the poking and discomfort that happens often.

I tried the band for life and also found it too loose and soft. It helped a little but did not stop the poking.

Thanks Jacob's mom! I have found some success using the tape for my arm and legs-and I tried wearing spandex (however unflattering) to keep the tush site secure. I was just going to post something this morning about 200s on the 3rd day and reread your reply here. I am encountering the same problem regardless of where I put the pod. By the 3rd day (usually when the pod is under 40 units) I find myself in the 180-250 range. Do you just change Jacob's pod early? Do you ever run a temp. basal to offset this problem? I would really hate to change the pod too early (I usually still have over 12 hours left when this problem starts). Does Jacob have this problem if he uses non-abdomnial sites? Sorry for all the questions!

jacob usually just runs into the prob with his belly sites, i really think they are overused, he just had a good strech with an arm site. we usually only change his site if he is truly stuck in the high 200's or 300's because then i think he might have a partial occlusion, a few days he came really close to almost running out of insulin so we really try to overshoot the fill now this helps a bit along with overestimating on his boluses and encouraging exercise if he is not at school or willing. he is being all independent lately and even gets sassy if i bring him water if he is high! a temp basal would work if you are willing to do frequent tests to make sure you havent overshot but with him at school i hate to do that. it can be frustrating dealing with pump issues, everyone assumes it is so much easier better A1c ect. but there are so many variables! it helps to share info so we can work things out together. glad the tape is working to make your workouts better! hang in there! amy

I find that my arms work the very best for me when I am running. If it's going to be more than 5 miles or so I usually wear a band around the pod to make sure it stays put. If I wear it on my abdomen or oblique area I usually add some KT tape. I am fine without the band or tape in colder weather, it is sweat that loosens mine. I really can't speak to the cannula poke issue, as I have only had that happen once or twice. Sorry!

Sites for Running:
Side hip under the waistline, so it does not rub,
Back or the arm, side of the arm/triceps area.
Both of the above can also be held into place with KT (Kinesiotape)
also, you may choose to wear Underarmor to keep things from moving.
Tegaderm is best for swimming(limit to 30-50 minutes), and is too occlusive for running.

Another reason 3rd day blood sugars can be higher is also because insulin ages/degrades with heat, and by the third day against your body, the insulin is not as strong/potent as the first day. You ay have to bolus a little bit more, or, change your pod early if your BS continues to rise.

If you remove the pod, and there is a bit of blood in and around the tip, there is usually a bit of tissue reaction at the cannula site that could be making absorbtion difficult. I t happens sometimes, maybe once in 30 pods.

Hope this helps.

Dr. P