Sites and absorption

Does anyone change their basal based on where there pod is? I'm new with my pod and I placed on my arm and I knew the sight was going to suck when it hurt hurt hurt even when the bolus went in. I also all of a sudden (I'm not sick, stressed, dehydrated, hormonal) having blood sugars 50-60 points above normal just with this site. Like its simply not absorbing well. I was thinking about (if this happens again) just changing the basal to compensate. Anybody else do this? Otherwise my numbers with the pod have been amazing! It's just this one stupid site!

I've thought about basal changes, but haven't done it yet. There is a difference, but not that big for me. I also notice that there are differences around the same site for me. But I was a 40+ year MDI user before, so I'm sure I've got LOTS of bad tissue where I also use my pod.

I do! When I use my tush I run a basal at .5 to 1 unit higher and lower my carb consumption. It was the Omnipod rep who I worked with that suggested I try it (she does it as well). It worked for me and I would rather use more insulin for a site I enjoy using than not use the site.

I recently created a new basal program for my thighs because my blood sugars tend to be higher when I have a pod there. I increased each basal rate by 0.1 and it has worked out well so far.

Yeah I feel like my arms hate insulin, which is funny cause I never really used them on MDI! I’m going to try it!