Skin 'hurts' at patch area after removing G6 sensor

First post here. I recently had a somewhat painful sensor insertion. The slight pain subsided after 2 days, but after removing the sensor at the end of my 10 day cycle, I noticed I have what I can only describe as skin pain, similar to the feeling of sunburn, around the patch area. I’ve had the pain for the past week, thinking maybe I disrupted some nerve endings when the sensor was inserted and it just needed time to subside. Anyone else experience this type of ‘neuropathy’/nerve related issue?

I have not had this. What location was the sensor? Was skin red or itchy ?

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Is it an inflamed area on the surface of the skin exactly where the patch adhesive was? Some folks have an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the patch.

Or is it more concentrated where the sensor was inserted through the skin, and under the skin? I’ve had very occasional bruises - I think from hitting a blood vessel. Yes sometimes these were “sore” for the first couple days after insertion.

I don’t think either of the above are in any way related to neuropathy.

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Skin is not red nor is it itchy. There is no outward appearance of any inflamation at all. My skin just ‘hurts’ to the touch is the best way to describe it. I really think when my last insertion happened it aggravated an area under the surface and that’s what’s causing this discomfort.

I’ve had this happen in areas on my upper arm, where I usually put my OmniPod, but the sensation goes away within a day. This has lingered for at least a week.

I’ve not had this happen to me, but I was getting red welts with OmniPod. I’ve started spraying Skin-Prep on the site prior to placing the pod and it has really, really helped. You could try that for G6. I do not have an issue with the G6 sensor (knock on wood!) though so I do not use Skin-Prep for it.

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Have you tried benadryl cream on the area?

This archival tudiabetes article deals with some cases where the allergy symptoms are more externally obvious:

Some skin allergies/sensitivities are cumulative and you might not notice the first time but then when you come back later you have been sensitized.

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I have not tried the cream, but I will and report back. I may also try the Skin-Prep before my next insertion as well. Thanks for the insights.

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Another rare possibility is that the sensor wire breaks off and stays under skin. Sometimes able to pull out, some buried under. Always check when you pull off sensor.


NOOOOO! Not that, @MM1. I din’t think of that. I hope its not that.

You might also have hit a nerve ending, which will take a few weeks to subside.

I’m thinking that’s what it probably is. I knew immediately when I inserted the sensor that I must have touched a nerve. The pain was instantaneous, like getting a bee sting, except it was sore for about a day or two, then it seemed to subside and didn’t flare up again until I removed the patch/sensor.

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Definitely sounds like you might have hit a nerve cluster. Ice will help deaden the pain temporarily, and the irritation will gradually subside if in fact that’s the issue.

Hope your issue resolves quickly!