Skin Reaction to SkinTac Wipes?

Hi Everyone!

I am new to TuDiabetes but I can already attest to the great information I found on here when making a decision to move forward with my OmniPod Pump! I have been on it for around 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it.

I wanted to throw out a question. I started using SkinTac wipes for adhesion almost immediately, as it helped me (and the pod) to feel more secure to the skin. However when I remove the pod, the site will flare up around 1-2 days later with little red spots. I'm aware that SkinTac is a hypoallergenic, non-latex product so I would be surprised that I would be having a reaction to it.

Please excuse the image, but I thought it would be best to share what this looks like exactly. This is from my left stomach, from a site I removed almost 8 days ago.

Has anyone else had a similar experience using SkinTac wipes?


2376-photo.JPG (569 KB)

I have had excema for 40 years now. Non allergenic products have the main ingredients that cause skin problems removed, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a reaction to some other ingredient in the product. It sounds just like an allergic problem to me, but since I have no pump I am not able to help you further. A cortisone cream from your dr. will clear up the rash and I suspect you will have to look for another product.

The problem may have started when you removed the pod and some skin with it.The adhesive can cause friction burns when you peel it off. I have had infusion sets take small chunks of me with them and it can take weeks to heal. Try using a adhesive remover or stemming them off in the shower....slow and easy

Smith-Nephew Uni-Solve Adhesive Remover or nail polish remover with aloe.

Thanks for your responses folks :) I'll try a solvent first, and see what happens! Otherwise I may have to deduce that I am in fact allergic to something in the wipes.

I am allergic to the adhesive in the pods themselves, I decided to not buy one because of that. It turns out I'm allergic to the MM pump sets too but not so bad.
I use skintac and I have no trouble with it.

I have an involved deal to prevent all the trouble though.

First I clean the site with reg ol' Alcohol. Then I apply skintac. Then I cover the enire area with a Iv3000. Then connect my infusion set or Pod and poke directly through the Iv3000. you can skip the skintac if you think its causing trouble.

I find this combo is the best most secure and non allergenic way to deal with it, It just adds a few min when changing sets/pods. I have never had one come off this way and I don't get any redness at all even at the puncture site.

To remove I simply grab the corner of the Iv3000 and peel it up. Since erything else is conncted to it, it comes off nicely.