Skins for PDM?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone started making fun skins for our PDMs?

I have a beautiful skin on my kindle that I absolutely love and thought it would be nice to have one on my pdm as well.

I’m pretty sure Omnipod came out with some silicone cases / skins for the PDMs a while ago. I found it made mine to bulky to really use conveniently but they did exist. You could call them and see if they still make them, they were pretty colors.

Here is a link to the accessories page on the Insulet web site. You can order them. Rebecca is right, they are silicone skins (and they come in several colors).

Insulet Accessories Page

i've seen the silicone ones and have the clear one that came with the pdm. I was thinking more on the lines of a decal wrap.
I find the silicone one is a bit bulky too.

The way you mentioned it for your Kindle I figured you meant a decal wrap (kind of like the ones MM has for their pumps). But thought I'd post the silicone just to make sure.
I haven't seen anyone w/ a cool wrap like you're envisioning. I'm sure someone at a sign and decal store (like someone who does lettering for car windows, store fronts, etc) could probably make one if you let them take some measurements? Maybe a 2 piece (one for the front like a donut to go around the screen and the buttons...and one for the back?). Not sure if the curvature of the sides would allow for one to wrap more around than just a "front and back" sort of template.
Thoughts on something like that?