Ok I got a question that alot of you may think is crazy but here goes… Who of you out there don’t trust yourselves to go to sleep?That’s a real issue for me. I’m afraid if I go to sleep I will wake up in the hospital or with the paramedics standing over me and the rest of my family looking at me with worried looks on their faced because I have fallen low and had a seizer.

I don’t worry about having a seizure, but I do worry about nighttime lows. My ever-patient husband stays up for a bit after me and wakes me up to check how I’m trending about 30-45 minutes after I fall asleep. By that time I’m sleepy enough that I could care less, so it’s easy to go back to sleep, and I have some assurance that my night is starting out nice and steady. Did I mention that I love my husband?

When he’s out of town, I do the same thing with alarms. I’ll wake up an hour or so after going to sleep to see what’s up, then I’m out for the night. I find that this helps me more than checking at 2 am, and that I’m likely to catch a bad trend and correct it.

I used to be terrified of this. For about 8 years I had to get up to treat a low almost every night. And so I would let my sugars run way too high. I finally have a new endo who is helping me with this. We’ve really cut down on my lantus. I went from 33 units to 20, and we’re still tweaking. Knowing that we’re working on it and that I can reach a place where my sugars are steady overnight makes me feel more in control.

Would testing in the middle of the night a few times help you feel better?

You know what I do test at like 2 or 3 and it still happens to me around 4. I really hate it! But have come to accept that it’s part of my life,

Yes I have had alot of sezied and wound up in the hospital or with paramedics over me. My granddaughter is one reason I’m so scared to go to sleep, like you when my girls were small I woke up to them standing over me with fear in their eyes that mommy might not wakeup! The paramedics once told me if I was unable to swollow to use cake icing to come to. I also have a great husband who if he finds me sezing will give me a shot of gluagon or tell my kids to. I had a birthday party and sleep over for my youngest daughter years ago and I live inbehind my mom (who is now dead) and the kids had run down there to get her! It gets kinda scary.

My only problem with waking up to cheak my bg is I cannot go back to sleep. Which isn’t good for me either!

I’m sorry. There are groups that train dogs to notice low bloodsugars. Have you considered something like that? Or continuous glucose monitoring? Though that is expensive…

I have thought about the group that trains dogs, but the glucose montering I have desided against. I only weigh 138 and I don’t have enough room to do that. Maybe its just me but I don’t want another thing on my body plus I really can’t afford it.

I don’t even pump yet, so I can understand that!

I worry about it if my husband works overtime or works 3rd shift for some reason. He normally gets off work at 11 PM and doesn’t go right to sleep so he tests my bloodsugar aroun 1-2AM. He knows what it should be, so he wakes me if I need to bolus or eat. But sometimes he works over and doesn’t come home until after 3 AM - when he’s not home he usually calls to wake me up & test my bloodsugar.

I worry about it because there were several times when I was in high school when I just didn’t wake up in the morning and my mom had to give me a shot of glucagon.

I used to feel the same way - but then i decided to set my target BS for 180 at night. I know that sounds high to many of you, but i was never getting a good night sleep and if was affecting my life terribly and i lived in constant fear - it did take several weeks to get that situated - but if you are pumping you shoudl be able to get that straight pretty quickly.

I also had to cut out a night time snack altogether, i would over bolus sometimes and go low. Dinner at 6:00 and my insulin on board is all used up by 9:00 - so i have no fears of extra insulin lingering around.

CGM has helped tremendously - but is a pain to the pocketbook - quite suprisingly i dont mind the extra sensor/inset being attached to me and i dont mind carrying the receiver around(Dexcom).

Good luck to you - i know how difficult this situation can be.

I set an alarm to wake up at 2 am to test my son, every time it’s a different number and he isn’t honeymooning so I doubt I’ll ever get to sleep through the night!

Honestly I didn’t mean to scare anybody. It’s just a personal choice of mine. Lindsey please don’t be scared of it like I said it’s just me. When they put me on the pump I had a hard time with it because I didn’t want to live off a machine and I love it now. I guess I just have to forget what I was taught all my life and get used to it.

I was just diagnosed about 2 months ago and when I first started the insulin, I was terrified of going low while sleeping and not knowing b/c I live alone. I did wake up when I started going low, but since splitting my levemir, I haven’t woken up low at all. I’m curious - I hear all of these stories about people being really low (my lowest has been 58 and that was in the middle of the day) and seizing. Is this something that just happens to some and not to others? Or is this a consequence of being diabetes vets? Or is this something I just haven’t experienced b/c I’m so new to the game?

Excellent questions. I’m curious about that too. I’ve had a couple of lows, but not nearly as frequent as others have posted. I get scared about nightime hypos everytime they up my insulin dose. Especially because I usually run aroung 6:30-7:00 in the evenings and I’m afraid of the lag effect. I’ve gone low in the middle of a run, but so far haven’t had any bad nights. I would usually do a 3am test every other day for about a week after my doses were adjusted just to be safe.

Guys I don’t know about you not having those really low lowes but it maybe because you haven’t had diabetes as long as some. I know I now get no warning when that happens but when I first took it up until about 7 years ago I would get hot and the shakes from going low. Now my husband can tell by my sleared speach and I KNOW I"M NOT and will argue him into the ground til I cheak it. He’s usually right though! Woops!

I know of some people who use them with their toddlers. ZI don’t really think that body size would be a serious issue for an adult.

It depends on the person. Some people are prone to seizures or passing out with a low bloodsugar and some aren’t. I’ve had all kinds of low numbers including in the twenties, and most of the time it doesn’t bother me. The only time a low really makes me anxious is when I can’t seem it get it to go up.

Wow. A blood sugar in the twenties…OK that TOTALLY scares me, especially the fact that you don’t feel it.

I do feel it. I’m very grateful that I’m still aware of my lows and that I wake up when I have lows at night. A bloodsugar that low is not something that happens often, but in over twenty years it has happened a few times.